I haven't seen this before


What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
I set up a double Maw team to fight a triple Maw team. First time I tried a team with two Maws. My first Maw ate their first Maw, but the screen showed that my second Maw had also cast when it hadn’t. It also shows the send Maw gained life, but that was from a Mercy cast.
What are the steps to make it happen again?
Use a double Maw team, I guess.
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Board control/Mab, Maw counter

to my knowledge you cant use the spell more than once period doesnt matter if you have 4 of em :slight_smile:


@sethrogensbackhair is correct

One spellcast per team


Thank you, I didn’t know that. I thought it was one spell cast per troop. I won’t be so concerned when I see multiples now!:slight_smile:


Here’s the official quote:

But based on this topic I decided to do some investigating, and to my
surprise the one-cast-per-battle limit affects the other troops as well:

Surely this isn’t working as intended, @Sirrian?
Their spells certainly aren’t as powerful as Maw’s…


No, but most really quite powerful, especially when you factor in Troop rarity.


Agreed. And Tassarion (whatever his name is) would be op if you could cast it more than once… combined with a webspinner or two.


It is working as intended, they wouldn’t create a behaviour for Maw only, it’s a “one shot spell” behaviour.


Once per battle limit applies to all troops with the text, this is no error.

Roc is a common troop with a rather powerful boost, I’ve used him a couple times in Arena and he really turns the tide (or keeps it flowing) after a successful cast.

Tassarion gives a guaranteed 3 magic to all troops on top of selectable gem generation. (Not random troop color like Celestasia.) Not to mention he’s a quest Epic, which makes him more common than even Roc.

Late game these troops might not be worth much even if the could repeatedly cast, but they’d be rather troublesome early game if they could.