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Old Guild Roster Interface

Now that we have all these new Hero portraits to play with, I kinda miss the old Guild Roster interface where we can see all the guild members’ head portraits at a single glance.

Is there anyway to incorporate the same concept into the existing interface? As it is, the list format is kinda bland, and it is a hassle to have to click into each name to see their headshots.


+1 to this. Somehow.

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i want to see members pvp points (to know how active in pvp they are) without having to click their settings and inspecting their profile, our leader has to click that thing for all the members as we require tier1…

also need a way to see gold donated for each color separately for each person… to see who follows guild strategy and who does not.

-1 to this
As a person who collects data about guild members contributions, I like the minimalistic style with all necessary information in one place.



It’s been much easier to gather data from the new format.

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but you know both can be done,
they can just add one more tab to the currend guild page
(and in my case one more 6 more sorting methods for gold colors)

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I’m not trying to turn this into an Either/Or argument. Like @Annaerith said, I’m just asking if a mix of both is possible.