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Offer Level 150 as an option for daily Delves if Level 500 is already cleared

It really bugs me whenever I have to do Level 500 on a daily Delve to clear a Campaign task because 50 isn’t high enough. All my Factions are maxed, so 50 and 500 are the only options available, and there is an empty slot on the level selection screen. So how about putting Level 150 as an option in between 50 and 500. This would be great for completing Campaign tasks that require Level 60-110 Delves. A Level 150 Delve would have a x0.75 starting multiplier.


As opposed to wasting gems? Really doubt this happens.

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I still think the solution is to delete campaigns but nobody listens to me anymore.


I find it funny that they re-worked the adventure board system because it was terrible and no one liked it, only to make a campaign pass that makes us do the same stuff we hated doing before, but only forcing it now for extra stats and a shiny mythic at the end.

The left option should be 50, the right option should be whatever your max delve level is, and the middle option should be able to select any level up to your max delve level.

Even as I type this I know I’m just wasting my time. Devs don’t listen to feedback.


This was discussed a while back ago. My recollection was people who had completed delves asked that they be allowed to farm lower lvls but the lvls those players wanted to farm was all over the place so the devs gave players lvl 50 as an option. Asking them to change it again is only going to cause other players who liked farming lvl 50 to go complaining. Be thankful that you can farm it at a lower lvl at all

The 50 was ok til the campaign came along. The campaign is the issue. Giving paying members a skip per VIP level would maybe get more folks to increase their VIP level. So if you VIP 3 you would get 3 skips per campaign but if you increase your VIP level then your skips would increase as well. Free to play players do not pay any bills so they would get zero skips unless they want to spend gems. Seems like a good way to get folks to spend money but who knows if they will ever do it. Maybe it’s too hard to implement.

It’s not just the campaign. A lot of players would like to attempt pure faction at level 100, 200, 300 etc. after finishing the delve at 500. That’s why we really need a “selectable level” for the middle option.

Yeah, first thing I did was get Hall of Guardians up to 500 then lament that it was stuck on 120 faction or something. Because none of the descriptions clarify how the system works. And it was then stuck on that for about two years.