% of gems even on the starting board

I would like the starting board for every match to be evenly distributed amongst the 7 different gems and a sprinkling of doomskulls. Maybe 9 of each gem type and 1 doomskull on opening board or drop skulls down to 7 and 3 doomskulls.

The boards would still be randomized at the start of every match but would be consistant on the number of each gem.

This is something I would like to see to make game play more consistent. I dont like the fact that one match has huge full screen converts of 40 gems because the board was 60% of 2 colors. I would like a fair starting board for every match.


This is a great suggestion, the wild variance in starting boards is another annoying example of too much randomness making the game less fun.


I wouldn’t want an exact %age every time, I think there should be some randomness in there.

Also it’s nice when you’re eg running a Wrath/ Mercy team and the first move is to cast Mercy changing all Purple to Yellow and getting a 4 or 5 match as well as some 3 matches so you can then fire Wrath etc… :+1:

I understand it’s nice when it’s in your favor. Now imagine being against rope dart meta with a board full of blue and yellow with no way to interrupt.

There will still be 18 gems of the two colors your looking to convert randomly distributed on the board. You will still have alignments on opening boards the same way the ai will also get alignments. It just wont be so one sided on the opening board.

There are enough troops in the game with Freeze abilities to stop teams like that from looping and, even if they don’t, so what?

Sometimes the opposition gets lucky, that’s the way the game works.

Frankly I don’t see the need for creating a “perfect balance” of gems on every starting board.

There are times when I’ve been cursing and struggling because I’m not getting the gems I want, but there have been enough times when I’ve been lucky (for instance that Wrath/ Mercy team has been a one move win!) that it equals out.

I’m on the opposite end and would like the game to be less luck based and more skill based.

If there was a way to make freeze stick or not have an immune first troop from rabbit cast it would be a different story.

I dont like the swings in luck from the opening board. 90% of the time you can look at the opening board and know I got a turn 1 win or a grindfest.

I would rather lower the luck ratio knowing there will always be gems in my colors on the board. There will still be the luck in the opening, just not as drastic. You will still be able to get alignment off the opening board into a storm for a turn 1 win. It just wont be so 1 sided all the time.