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Odd complaint...iOS app icon color?

So it seems odd to be put off by this but anyone else using the mobile version not happy with the generic blue background of the new icon? It just doesn’t pop like the old icon and kind of looks like it’s not done yet. Maybe because blue is such a generic background color but with the skeleton it just feels too “cheery”. Like it should be purple or at least not quite sky blue. Or maybe it’s just me.

I like it way better than Green Seer.

We actually did a lot of focus testing under live conditions with this app icon, and it performed almost twice as well for organic installs as the old Green Seer. Of course it’s not going to be to everyone’s liking (I had one I much preferred too), but you can’t argue with live test numbers, and what’s best for the game wins out in the end!


Wow I didn’t know you could test that. Cool. Thanks for the insight into app marketing!