Obsidius Earthquake trait in delves

Windows 10 and Android

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
When doing delves, Obsidius will lose the earthquake trait sometimes. He is not stunned and the enemies are not immune to stun. Once it stops working, all the next rooms do not work either. It starts working again when you start a new delve. The room is random and will not be every time. I can’t tell if he is losing the other two traits because I use Mountain Crusher and and Titan class so there is almost always a dust storm and use Obsidius in the third position. No other ally is losing a trait though.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
See above. Random during delves.

Steps to make it happen again
Play a lot of delves with Obsidius. Generally if possible I use Mountain Crusher with High King Irongut, Obsidius and either The Possessed King or The Gray King in that order.

If you beat the purple room Guarded Chamber (Dark Monolith, Dwarven Gate, Anubite Warrior, Ancient Golem), all future Enemies (in that delve run) gain Thick Head, which is Immunity to Stun.


It doesn’t happen all the time even if that is one of the delve rooms. Obsidius won’t be stunned so the trait would still be active to stun other enemies. I know some cards are immune to stun, but this will be all the enemy team and every room afterwards the stun doesn’t work until you reset to finish and go to the next delve level.

I read your response over and never never heard of delve enemies gaining Thick Head and carrying over to later rooms. I don’t think it has happened always after that specific room but I will test it for a few days and see what I find. Would be nice if that is case for there be some indication that the troops are immune after that point unless I am missing something.

It’s show on the “Guarded Chamber” room card, and it’s shown on each troop if you inspect them after clearing that room. Same applies to all other special effects that rooms bestow.

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As other say, every delve room has a similar informative tab.

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Thanks for the information everyone. My fault for not reading those. I usually just click through all of it and go to the next room. Good to know.