Battle delve skills seems not work

Platform, device version and operating system
Windows X64

Screenshot or image

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
As you see, enemy have Venomous and Entangle. My hero just suffer damage… and it’s neither poisoned, nor entangled afterwards.

Start-of-battle Delve enemy skills works as intended.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Noticed it just now.

Steps to make it happen again
Looks like you need to fight correspondent groups in Delve and observe consequent results.

P.S. It perfectly worked somewhat later when hero died:

I dunno why it didn’t work before… Maybe it works only if hit overcome the shield?

Were you a class that inflicted stun when you get hit? If so then no, it’s not a bug as getting hit and inflicting stun has priority over status effects.

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Is your hero using Titan Class, with Fortitude talent?

That would explain the immunity to poison. Still have no idea about Entangle.

It’s Delve room traits, which can’t be stunned. As it intended anyway.

Sure about that? Even hero talents can be stunned.


Effects cannot be disabled with a Stun. - Help Centre, Delves, Delve Troop Effect

Edit: Effects are not Traits. However, Effects can be disabled with a Stun. - Help Centre, Delves, Delve Troop Effect


Thanks. Would be nice to get a Dev shining light on whether they changed their mind on this since the guide or if this is a bug then.

It’s clearly an intended design choice. What the risk of beating Tangled Path room if you can still stunned that Tangle trait away from enemies in future fight with ease. Rooms order is an important gameplay strategy in Delve, an ability to disable them would be against that.

Side note, when I’m in discussion mode, I could slip and bring wrong information form my head sometimes. But when I’m in answering mode, I double check my data from many different tabs (other forum posts/Lyya’s site/Taran’s site/Help Center and a google translate, 'cause I’m bad at spelling :grin:), so you can trust me. I’ll link my source next time if I don’t forget about it.

EDIT : I’m replying to Gouki. Sorry about replying to wrong person, actreal!


"Although Effects are similar to Traits in that they give a Troop a Skill bonus, Effects are not Traits. However, Effects can be disabled with a Stun. "

Updated 1 hour ago.

I’d go by what the picture shows, which is how the game plays, which would have to be hotfixed to match the words formerly in the article otherwise. Seems easier just to correct the article (as it looks like they have).


And you could just have said that you read it in something official and my question would have been answered, no source needed. Just wanted to make sure whether what you stated was perceived behavior or something official, is all.
I wasn’t questioning your integrity, all chill :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is the answer. Thank you!

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Umm… I don’t think that the correct answer.

Except Delve room’s traits can really be stunned, then we’re looking at an even bigger bug now.

Oop… don’t see the memo. The Help Center have been updated, confirmed by actreal. Sorry for the confusion!

Sorry about that I think it was me who wrote cannot instead of can - even though I knew the opposite to be true - brain fart moment.

Corrected the article and published the change.

I’ve also rewritten that whole Effect section to give some more info and it’s waiting for review before publishing.

@Smiling_Spectre1 I’d need to know which traits and talents your hero had on it at the time to work this out.
As others replied - my first instinct is that’s what prevented the status effects from working on your Hero and we’ll need to rule that out before I can make a bug report.

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Kafka, it’s Titan L77 with this traits:

Impact (I believe, exactly this skill saved me)
Thunder Fist
Blood and Glory
Rock Solid (I thought this could be the reason too - until my hero got damage, but wasn’t affected anyway).
Lightning Strike

There is also fully upgraded Mang as weapon - but I don’t think it’s affected anything.

Ok thanks for the info.

So your Titan Class Impact Talent saved you there (I just wanted all the information on your Hero at the time before I confirmed). Your Talent triggers before the opponent’s in this case.

In case 2 traits get triggered at the same time usually the defender’s trait triggers first.

The article is updated now (see the Effect section):

Yes, I understood this because of Lissandra reply, right after mine. But thank you for confirming this.