Delve entangle/web bug

Platform: xbox

Was doing delves and on this run my troop kept getting webbed when the enemy team did skull damage, I think this is a little weird considering none of the enemy troops does this normally unless I’m missing something. A similar even happened yesterday but with entangle.

Did you by any chance beat the room Webbed Court earlier in that delve? If you did, then that would give all future enemy troops (for the rest of that delve) the Snare trait that webs your lead troop whenever skull damage is dealt by an enemy.


This would be my guess as well. Make sure you are checking what the effects are from beating each room in a delve as they usually have either a buffing effect on either the Hero or AI teams, or some sort of debuff on the Hero.

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I’ll have to keep this in mind, I don’t think I have encounter this before or took notice to it at least. Thanks for the info

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