Entangle rooms in delves

What the point of entangle rooms in delves?
When you farm up with non pf: debuff doesn’t matter much, I would say irrelevant.
When you play for PF tho, it makes the whole run impossible. I’ve know no examples of making it to the finish against entangling enemies.
And the worst thing is, every enemy troop gets it. You basically banned from attacks for all the following rooms.

So it’s a waste of sigil just because dev decided to put the most irrelevant normally but the most OP debuff for no reason into the pool of rooms.

A player can handle most of the debuffs existing in delves, but this one. It’s clearly game breaking and should be gone already.

Depending on the kingdom, everything involving submerge can be equally nasty (Necropolis and Lyrasza do have nothing but group damage spells at all, though the former is mostly skull focussed and the latter a headache of a whole different level).
If you start unraveling negative effects, that harm your run, you’ll eventually have all of them listed.

On the other hand, I never fully understood in the first place, why we need to get punished for putting more time and risk into a run.

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Submerge can ruin Some kingdoms. Entangle ruin all of them.

What delve are you talking about? Im pretty sure you can find videos and strategies to complete it just about anywhere you mighr bother to check

How to beat a pf run if you have tangle room on your way: restart the delve until there’s not. Simple. And stupid as a concept.

Which delve are you referring to?

Name the delve you can handle while entangled pf500

Several delves like Obsidian Depths, Fire Rift, The Deep Hive, Illithia, etc. Use spell damage as the main way to deal damage. How would entangle effect you there?

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The way which prevents you from using another source of damage. Well, I guess we got stuck here, you’re fine with it, I got it.

@DAeron: Where do you get mana to cast spell if skull rain every turn?

This topic is about Entangle, not skull storms.

You could use an Entangle mechanic to avoid taking skull damage, letting the enemy have some so they can’t get mana while also taking minimal skull damage(entangle).

If you’re using a class with Barrier at the top you create openings when you take brown for your barrier while simultaneously misaligning skulls to be used against you.

You could use a mechanic to eliminate skulls or make more skulls to use for yourself.

You could use explosions to “reset” the board.

There are dozens or ways ro avoid taking skull damage while also gaining mana. Not every situation is avoidable and sometimes you lose, thats how games work though.

I said ‘PF’, no hero or eliminating or (most of the times) explosion mechanics available there

Clearly, he hasn’t been there and hasn’t done that, that’s why I stopped responding to him.

You seldom want to get into a skull-matching contest with the AI if you’re doing Pure Faction at high levels. The difference in relative stats is almost certainly to the point where you’ll be sorry if you trade hits, excepting the small number of delves where you get a tank unit who can greatly increase his own Attack enough to chew through the opposition’s health in a reasonable number of hits.

Entangle can be a nuisance. But the number of delves where it’s a show-stopper are limited.

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Thats why i asked for specific delves, it’s incredibly hard to give general advice that works for every faction.

I might not have any idea but then i also might have 88k+ renown with only 1 hoard over 100. Who’s to know…