Number of tiers changed?

When did the numbers of PVP tiers change from 20 back to 15? I’ve searched the forum for an announcement but - unless my search-fu is waning - I couldn’t find anything.


PvP Tiers have always been at 15 as far as I know, at least when I started at v1.5.

Am I having a senior moment? I was sure tiers went briefly to 20 when 2.0 came out.

In the release notes (I think, maybe it was in a preview) @Sirrian mentioned something like “reaching tier 5 in new PvP will be roughly as difficult as reaching rank 1 in old PvP (in 1.0.9)” - maybe that confused you. But it wasn’t about adding tiers, it was about them being slightly more difficult to obtain.


OK that makes sense. Think that must be what I was remembering.

Thanks guys.