PvP Tier reset after update?

So I boot up this morning after the update, and I get the daily bonus of gold (much earlier than usual), but no glory, even though it looks like I’m still rank (now tier) 1. Then when I check out PvP, I’m tier 15, even though I fought my way all the way to rank 1 before. I don’t know if the reset was intended or a bug, but if intended it’s kinda mean, because I already put a ton of work into getting to rank 1 only to get knocked all the way back down. I really don’t want to have to climb up again in the second half of the week, and probably won’t have time anyway.

So what’s up with this? Am I the only victim of this? Sorry if this has been raised earlier, but I didn’t see it.

The reset was intended, but you should have received your rewards based on what your Rank (now Tier) was when the servers went down. You might need to go into the PVP menu and come back out for it to register though.

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The new update gave you the rewards for Rank 1, and started a new week to reflect the new PVP system. So, yes we are all climbing…again. This time much steeper :grin:

What @Ozball said

Ok, that makes more sense. Now I’m just trying to figure out why yesterday I got daily rewards based on rank 1 but without the glory, and today I got it based on rank/tier 2 WITH glory. Bizarre…

Yeah daily rewards are a bit off at the moment.