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Some PVP 2.0 Figures and Observations

So, I decided to go about the tedious task of documenting some actual figures to compare pre-2.0 and post-2.0 PVP rewards. In this experiment, I always picked the hard fight unless the medium fight offered a revenge or rival match.

Level: 137
Gold multiplier: 2.25
Platform: Windows 10 Steam

Tier 15 to Tier 5 Only

I figured I should include figures just for moving from Tier 15 to Tier 5 since the devs stated that this would be comparable to the rank rewards in the old PVP system.

Number of Matches: 22
Trophies: 59

From Tier Rewards
Gold: 2,125
Glory: 105
Keys: 15

From Match
Gold: 64,057
Glory: 104

Gold: 66.182
Glory: 209
Keys: 15

Pre-2.0: I played around 21 matches to reach Rank 1 in the old PVP system. I made an average of 63 glory and ~16,100 gold in the matches. From the end of the week rewards, I made 2,000 gold, 10 glory keys and 100 glory. This gives a total of ~18,100 gold, 10 glory keys and 163 glory.

Tier 15 to Tier 1

Here are the numbers for going all the way from Tier 15 to Tier 1.

Number of Matches: 31
Trophies: 84

From Tier Rewards
Gold: 4,375
Glory: 275
Keys: 46

From Match
Gold: 92,392
Glory: 149

Gold: 96,767
Glory: 424
Keys: 46


  • You need around 10 easy fights, 4 medium fights or 2 (or 3) hard fights to go up a tier.
  • There were 8 revenge matches and 2 revenge/rival matches.
  • A traitstone dropped after every match.
  • During the experiment, I earned 6,750 gold while moving up revenge reward meter. This is significant because pre-2.0 I rarely had any movement on this meter. So, I fight far more revenge matches post-2.0.
  • Revenge matches give you +3 more glory and rivals give you +2 more glory.


I earned 78,667 more gold, 261 more glory and 36 more glory keys in PVP 2.0. By mostly taking hard matches, I only needed to play 10 more matches to get to Tier 1 than pre-2.0 days.


Nice work with all this! :smiley: Always nice to see some stats to put things in to some perspective.


Thanks :smile_cat: I figured it would help to see some real numbers.


Yeah. I didn’t do enough PVP in pre-2.0 to be able to compare or I might have considered doing this (and I’ve been really busy this week since the new event started).

I’m a sucker for stats :stuck_out_tongue:

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Very helpful, thank you.

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I’m glad to know that I’m not the only person that likes to look at stats. :blush:


FYI: at level 360, it is 10 easy, 5.6 medium, and 3.8 hard matches to go up one tier. I almost universally get 10/18/26 PVP points for my matches.

So taking only hard matches, I would need about 50 matches to get to tier 1. That is a whooooole lot more than 1.0.9


I was planning to get a list of all the teams in the top 100 from the leader board and create some stats based on which troops are most common, and what the win ratios are (for defense). But the stats are still unreliable on defense, and the ladder can change a lot in a short time at busy periods (eg end of an event). Might take another crack at it later next week after things calm down for me in RL.

Remember that old rank 1 is new tier 5, though.

This is true, but the OP said he/she only needed 10 more matches to go from tier 15 to tier 1 than from old rank 15 to old rank 1.

The OP is a she. :smile_cat:

And, I should have added that my level is 137. I’ll add that to the original post if it let’s me.

Great job! I wish it took me 30 matches for Tier 1, but I digress :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It took me 65 battles last week and 55 battles this week to reach Tier 1. I’m stuck in no man’s land (I.e., 200s) where the Hard matches are crazy hard. Even so the general principle of “not a lot of extra work for way more rewards” holds true.

I was thinking of doing the same thing. I’ve been curious at discerning what troops work for defense at different levels in actual practice. But, the reset happens at 3 AM in my part of the world. So, it will depend if I do or do not have insomnia on that day. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, looking at your and Grundulum’s experience, it seems that the spread of match differences from pre-2.0 is 10 - 29 matches. I’d still say that the new rewards are worth it. I’ll make a new list of figures after I hit 200. Maybe by then, the devs will have adjusted the PVP to their final stage. I assume they are still working on them.