Now that guild rework is a thing, can please the counter be fixed?


By a fact, we know theres a lot of guilds right now who set min contributions to their members and is not fair, for anyone, to be kicked or warned because their “guild counter” is bugging out (Not counting their actual contributions or resseting mid way trough the week) or resetting at different times on Sundays/Mondays. Right now the resetting is a total mess. I’ve try to keep tabs on it and, at least on my guild, members reset with almost 8 hours of difference, really hard to track them all.

Just a request that I think would help not only guild masters, but, as said before, it would also be more fair to regular members.

And even if there wasn’t an “actual” reason, it would be pretty mess up anyways. In my ignorance, I think most of other games have fixed this “problems” by using a Server Time to tie up this kind of resets and important events.