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Now Recruiting!

Frozen Misfits is now recruiting!!! If you’re looking for a chill place to be without the stress of high reqs., then this is the Guild for you. Welcoming players of all levels.

What we ask of players:

  • 50 000 weekly Gold
  • 500 weekly Seals
  • 70 weekly Trophies
  • Discord Participation

Interested?? Message @Dheilghas#1381 or find us on Discord at https://discord.gg/7UwRUM5


Xbox? PS? PC/Mobile? Switch?

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Possibly all of them, because (I believe) there won’t be many players who will want to join a guild with such name. Frozen misfits? Last-year garbage? Sour dung?..

On PS4 the Misguided Misfits are one of the best guilds! :grin:

But havnt seen frozen ones here…

We’re on PC/Mobile

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