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Nothing to see here. Have a good day

:egg::egg: We had a 1000+ player drop 2 weeks worth of :egg: in the stat columns so we are going to :recycle: them down to our :baby: guild.

:crown: Are you a Paragon in your low activity guild?:tired_face:

:sleeping: Are you tired of being the only one contributing?

:coffee: Would you like to see Legendary Task done as you are having your morning drink of choice on Monday morning?

This is where the EGO test comes into the picture.:framed_picture:

:moneybag: Our members contribute about 1 million gold on average each week.

:trophy: Current members get 250 trophies on average each week.

:1st_place_medal: Everyone gets max seals each week.

:m:ost Guild members average 9k per day in GW.

Invasion/ Raid boss is a tight competition for the lead with multiple members making the Master Leaderboard.

:gem_doomskull: It can be very humbling to think you are one of the best team building, color matching, spell casting, 4-5 of a kind getting, :gem_doomskull: Doomskull cascading, and teammate supportive player in gems. In reality no one has challenged you or pushed you to improve.

As long as your ego will allow you to admit that your not the best we have people here that can bring out the best in you!

Then again maybe you are all that and if so come in here and teach us your skills.:man_teacher:

:truck:Those that have real life issues and will be away for the entire week get :recycle: to our :baby: guild until they return to GoW.

:boot: We don’t BOOT people for having real life come up. We DO :recycle: people for NOT letting us know that real life has come up and not recording any noticeable statistics. This is the modern times!:mantelpiece_clock: You can send an Xbox message from your :phone: . Everyone at least has a :phone:, it seems.

:mag_right: Did ya notice that I never mentioned requirements?:mag:

:checkered_flag: Do you need a finish line or are you going to try and contribute, get trophies, do invasion/raid, get max points in GW, max out seals ASAP, and communicate more than the next guy?

:crossed_swords: Guild Wars is next week. Join us for the last week in a :child: teenage Guild Wars bracket.

:trophy::trophy: Top notch GW teams in your line up? Then you can help our :baby: guild build GW teams.

:trophy: Almost top notch teams? Then you can jump into Guild Chat. We can share ideas on what got our members 54k+ scores last GW.

:handshake: Join us now, don’t wait until we are :crossed_swords: for top guild in Guild Wars to join.:crossed_swords:

:mailbox_with_mail: Reply here or Xbox live message :cowboy_hat_face: Wyoming Pixel, Kansas Pixel, Global 001 is very sketchy for us to see your message :love_letter:. To be totally honest I don’t have :stopwatch: to be in global chat. I have :moneybag: to earn, traitstones to :man_farmer: , you to recruit, souls to collect, guild members to discuss team builds with, forum to monitor :computer:, new troops to plan for, and this long :wind_face:winded thread to create.

hi there ! i am looking for a PRO guild . i play 6 hours everydays , now level 710 . i started the game in february . i am doing all tasks and events , give 300K gold everyweeks . i am very serious player , and want to improve . my name is saunal edouard aka baryonic in the game . my invite code is ; EDOSAN_FWEF . please contact me if you need me


Baryonic, I don’t have a guild anymore to invite you too.