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About 20 open spots TOTAL in ALL the top 10 Xbox guilds COMBINED

Prime opportunity for someone looking to get in to a top 10 guild.

Every guild has a little something to offer.

Some lean towards Guild Wars, some guilds focus on delves, and others lean towards event completion.

Some guilds are very supportive of each other and offer up advice on how to make the strongest team with what troops you have, not what troops you should have.

Some guild have pet rescues almost on the hour, when not a Wednesday.

Some guilds have low requirements because almost everyone in the guild gives double, triple and even more then required.

Some guild have slightly higher requirements then others.

Some guild are understanding that real life happens and you may have to do the entire weeks worth when you get back from real life.

I personally think Heavens Gate offers all of these things.

Message tedforever (Guild Manager), or Wyoming Pixel, or anyone else in Heavens Gate to see if our guild rewards match your dedication.

Good luck to you in your search and GL to all gems players in the upcoming Guild Wars.

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20 spots? Wth happened to you guys?

Not 20 for us. If you add up all the missing guild members it comes up to about 20.
We raised our minimums. Some people chose to go elsewhere, some were burnt out and some were just lacking in some areas.

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Lol ok sorry i missreaded the topic. Good luck to every guild finding players


I agree. I hope every guild in Bracket 1 is full at the start of guild wars. If we outscore another guild I want it to be because we earned more points and not because we had 1 more guild member.

Even if they don’t join us I hope they join one of the bracket 1 guilds.


guild called heavens gate loses 20 members…did they graduate after a tainted koolaid party? xD

We didn’t lose 20 people.

Either the topic was originally worded differently, or some people SERIOUSLY can’t read lol

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I edited the OP…

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Same thing is happening in our Guild. We suddenly lost 5 members this week.
Maybe an early upset of the flu or so???

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I got a free flu shot from my work so I will be good!

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Lucky you :cold_face:

@WWDiver I hope your guild gets filled with good guild members prior to the start of the guild wars. Will be a long time to stew over the results of this upcoming Guild Wars week either way.
Good luck to all in finding members and GW.

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