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Not recieving tier rewards and frozen not working,

Hello devs, i havent recieved my tier rewards for this week despite the screen still showing my 1 tier, it even reset everything else except for that emblem, didnt get the mail giving me my keys etc.

Also i was battling for tasks needing a 3 blue troop team so i had ice giant in it and after freezing a troop being a goblin (not the normal one btw, but it had red and green mana i think) (last troop on the enemy deck so its not that it wasnt his mana) he took a 4 link greens and got an extra turn despite being frozen, the frozen sound even played…

Atleast hope you fix the first thing.

Just a guess here… if you were battling the new Goblin Nobends Brothers troop and froze him, his colours are actually Red/Brown. So freezing him would not prevent the opponent from obtaining Extra Turns via green match-4’s.

@Sirrian @Alpheon
I believe wskill, myself and others on XB1 may have a reproducible bug here in terms of Tier rewards. The previous week’s PvP Tier rewards are not showing up in the Mailbox upon login after reset. Instead, last week, they appeared 20 minutes later in the Mail and for others, a whole day later.

I have logged in today and done some PvP on console. The weekly Tier rewards have yet to show up in game.

Kindly take a look?

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Wasnt nobend brothers, i am 100% sure it had greens in its mana because i emediately went “wth”.
Btw im on ps4.

Frozen we’ve looked into and it should be behaving as intended from the videos we’ve been shown so far. If anyone is able to capture a video of frozen not behaving correctly, please send it to us over in the known issues thread. This vastly speeds up the turn around time on it.

In regards to the PvP Tier rewards, just to confirm do you mean the 1-15 tier rewards, or do you mean the leaderboard ranking rewards? I only ask as I believe you are referring to the tier rewards as the 1-15 tier, but the rewards for this are given out as your move up through the tiers, only leaderboard rewards are given out at the end of the week.

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It was a little confusing last week because we received both the weekly rewards for the old-style event, then the leaderboard rewards for the short-mini event under the new system at more-or-less the same time. I was still expecting to get a weekly reward as well, then realized what was going on.

The tier rewards are being paid out correctly as we climb the ladder and I received my weekly leaderboard reward when I logged in this morning.

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I meant the Daily Reward for your current Tier reached, which consists of your login bonus gold for number of consecutive days played, PLUS the glory reward for your current Tier.

In the past, both on console and mobile, the delivery of the Daily Reward can be a bit delayed on the first day of the week. It was an occasional delay, not a typical one.

But Stan is right… Last week was confusing because of course we had to receive our PvP Weekly Reward too for the rewards under the old system, and since the PvP weekly was often bundled with the Daily Reward, both appeared to delayed.

Actually considered this… maybe a notice about this would be helpful because it was VERY confusing.

As for frozen sad to say i didnt save a video but if it happens again ill emediately post it in this thread.

This Tier 1 PvP problem of not giving rewards has popped up a few times on the Known issue thread as well. Its hard to say what is going on: if its confusion (most likely) or a bug on Rank 1 (possible).

Still worth a look with all the reports.