Not receiving guild task mail

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
About 40 minutes ago my guild completed gems task for 10 gems. I still haven’t received a mail for those 10 gems. Got the daily reward mail normally, but still no guild task completed mail.

What are the steps to make it happen again?

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post! I can post the screen shot of the activity log where the quest was completed.

1 hour later still no 10 gem mail. I got a confirmation from another member that she didn’t receive anything either. Confirmation was from @Theicla
I’ll see what others will say about receiving that mail, but 2 out of 2 haven’t got it.

Indeed Don completed the Exploration task for 10 gems at 10:41:58 am today. I was playing Treasure Hunt for the last 45 minutes and did not receive any in-game Mail for the guild task. :frowning:

Just a correction here, Noryanna completed gems task, not me, my donation was to the task afterwards. Here’s the screenshot of the task completion:

Also for what it’s worth, I was getting a series of Server Connection errors at 10:48am. I took a screenshot then.

(Just wanted to add I did get my first score over 100 moves in Treasure Hunt though! Two vaults, 6 Traitstones, no keys, 1330 gold. I was playing in order to get some keys… ANY keys, I have 0 chests in glory or higher right now… But I forget that I also don’t have much gold either. Memo: Don’t play long games of TH when you’re broke because you’re gonna get gold, not keys or gems!)

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Alright. I just looked at the guild activity log again.

I see the reason for my confusion. Norianya completed Crafting at 10:30:17am according to my screen, Don Boba finished Exploration 18 minutes later. During that time I did NOT receive any guild task mail, so not only did Norianya’s task not complete for me, Don’s didn’t either (two tasks missing).

Another thing I should note is that when I logged in this morning, I’d only received Mail for one (1) task completion by either Falka or efh for 2 Maps. This struck me as rather unusual because our guild usually completes at least two or three tasks between the time I log out at night and my next login the next day. So it may be that we lost more than just the last few tasks overnight?!

Same situation also happend in our guild (Audles) today. Around 5:30 pm gmt+2 with about ~10 gems. I’m not sure if there weren’t other similar situations after yesterday reset.

I’ve noticed this today when I was updating our guild google sheet after i’ve completed +10 gems task, and later Mr. Strange also completed +10 gems task, but overall we’ve got only 10 instead of 20 gems.

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Update I know I’ve received in-game Mail for 10 gems now, but not for anything else.

Only gems were completed in past 2 hours those 10000 I donate were not a completion, just a donation towards completion.
Still no gems for me though, and another member reported he didn’t get gems either.

Apologies I kept reading ‘contributed’ as ‘completed’. The only reason I was doing that is that a couple times (on the console version!) my 5000 gold would count as a ‘contributed 5000’ rather than a ‘completed’. This would only happen when the amount contributed was exactly the amount required to finish a personal task list item as well as the Guild task, and it didn’t happen often. Also, that was the console version of course. My bad. Carry on :slight_smile:

This is the part where you say sorry bad english.

I never really played much attention before, but now I donate 7000 and left it about 450 to completing (I’m that guy that likes his total donation to be a round number xD )
So I just waited someone to finish it. After it got completed soon afterwards I didn’t get no mail. If I wasn’t expecting it I maybe wouldn’t notice :S

Hopefully the patch fixes this bug.

Yup, I’ve got the same situation. I’ve noticed it just by accident.

Mavado completed Exploration task at 3:57:28pm. I received 12 glory keys in the mail.

@scheisspositivismus Did you receive those keys?

But If members have donated about 350k gold since day before yesterday, where are the other 7 to 8 task completions that we should have seen?

I got the keys, still no gems. And I’m pretty sure that I’ve got everything so far this week, except those gems.

What I have received in the last 13 hours is:

2 maps
10 gems
12 keys

And yesterday was 12 keys and a couple something else’s.

If we’ve received anything else today between the 2 maps and the 12 keys, I did not see it.

Not sure about the order, but I think you should have received about 60-72 keys since the new week started. .

@Theicla I did receive the 12 keys, but this was the first mail today.

So you didn’t get the 10 gems either. .