Not in Guild and took 300,000 gold, Errors

Playing on Xbox One: I logged in today and started doing guild tasks, all went well first few then got errors. Now every time I log ion it says I’m not in a guild and it took the 300,000 in gold but didnt give the rewards. Can I get that back or am I just screwed? So many problems with this game. Is it always like this?

Just for the last few days we’ve been having server issues at this time each day… if you write to support, they’ll fix your gold up for you.


I’ve seen that happen to my brother Saturday night. He got an error message and when he pressed Continue, nothing happened. Then after a few minutes, he receives the rewards in the mail and his gold count drop accordingly. But, the statue never got its experience points. We figured it was a display glitch. Next day, Sunday, he contributed same amount and the statue went up, but he did not receive any rewards. It took his gold.however. So, yeah, server hiccup right there.

Go ahead and write a support ticket to 505 Games how you lost that much in gold. And try not to max contributions until this server migration has completed. Test it first with 1000 gold.

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