Not getting correct souls for defence

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
Expecting 4 souls per victory.
One time I saw that I got zero souls for a defence victory.
Other times I get 3.
Sometimes I get exactly what I expect (4 per defence)

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Just keep PVP’ing and watch the defence rewards closely

Do you have any screenshots or video you want to share with us so we can see the problem? Attach them to your post!

this i think is part of the defense stuff thats not working right. only when you get 4+ souls in one battle do you know that you actually won.

From the screen shot it looks like someone took on a team with a team that was not full.

Same here. It seems this was coming up with V2.0 . My Soulmultiplier is 2,5. So if i kill 4 troops from the enemy i should get 10 Souls, right? (4 x 2,5 = 10). But i always get only 9 Souls. With Vakyrie i loose many more everytime. Getting only 90 Souls and not 100 like before. [(Cap = 40) x 2,5 = 100]. Maybe a Dev can investigate this?

Nope. You are on hard, and difficulty modifiers don’t apply at all to ranked PvP. Remove that extra 25% and these numbers are correct. In casual PvP, difficulty stat modifiers apply but reward modifiers currently do not (may be a bug, its been reported several times, no official word to my knowledge). This is a separate issue from what is reported in the original post.

for defense difficulty never applied. you should get 4 souls on a pvp defense win, if they have 4 troops.

as a side note you dont get souls or money earned from the traits or spells, only from the gem matches.

OK … thx. So why i should Play on hard or above if there are no boni at all??? Doesnt makes sense to me.

if you are playing casual - you play on the harder difficulties to raise the caps of souls and gold.

if you are playing on ranked - you CANT play harder than normal (no matter what it says you are playing)

for challenges, you play on harder difficulties to farm souls, gold, and maps. the longer your guys get to go, the more you make (up to the cap)

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I think you get less than 4 souls per win if smeone retreats or quits before all 4 of theirs die. Just a theory.

I’m pretty sure that if someone force-closes the game (Alt-F4), even though they lose and you get a defense win, it’s a win-by-default situation, since the battle data never made it to the server, so there’s no way to know how many troops your defense killed, or if there were gem-earning cascades etc. - basically you lose all variable rewards, and only get the constant rewards: glory and base gold.

I’m not sure what happen if you retreat from the menu. It could be the same as @Insunan said, or the same as force-close. Who knows. Still it’s possible that some people kill the game before they lose out of habit.

Had the same theory, but I have been having a ton of wins giving 0 souls. I wonder who leaves before they lose even 1 troop? I guess a lucky mercy match + Suppression + Winter chill COULD be pretty demoralizing.

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Not to get too off topic, but it doesn’t currently work that way. Stats for enemies in casual PvP will be increased by the difficulty factor, but rewards will not and still be locked to as if you had played on normal difficulty. Challenge and quest battles are played at the set difficulty and give rewards for the set difficulty. Ranked PvP is always played on normal difficulty and gives rewards for normal difficulty. Unranked PvP is played on your set difficulty but gives still gives rewards for normal difficulty.

I can’t recall how many souls I’ve gotten for recent AI defends, but I will start paying attention. It is far more likely that there was a zero-soul win reported in there somewhere (maybe a force-close, maybe a retreat?) than the prospect that four seperate people attacked him with a three person team or some combination of at least two of them were not using full teams.

or its counting losses as wins as posted else where :wink:

Doubt that also. I got an invade win on Lyya (discussed in another thread) while looking into this and she confirmed she did not get anything in the log for that invade, win or loss. That bug seems to be just that defense losses are being completely discarded for at least the last few days, rather than just being omitted from the log but still offering revenges, which is what was happening before.

We have identified the problem with not receiving the correct amount of souls for defense and will deploy a fix out for that shortly.

So we can investigate further, which armor & difficulty are you using?

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