[Not a Bug] Wrong description of the High King Irongut

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Windows 10 x64
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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I just wasn’t able to devour Penglong on the first place here. With seemingly 134% chance!

As I am sure, it’s because actually devour chance is not equal to attack. It’s equal to skull damage. Penglong have 40% reduction, so my chance was mere 80%. (For the same reason he cannot devour magic-shielded troops at all).

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Steps to make it happen again
Put the King against any heavy-skull-reducing troop and try to devour him.

I suggest to correct the text of the King card. Mechanics is allright for me.

I think that troop is blessed, and is temporarily immune to devour.




:point_up: what they said :point_up:

Bless be the problem

Disregarding the bless, is this part true?

Well, Bless seems the reason then. I seen the effect many times, and every time it was “damage reduction”, so I made conclusions. Seems like coincidence for now. Will check more.

Not true. If HKI has an attack of 100 or higher (which is 100% chance) and the troop can be devoured, they will be devoured. This is why HKI is so powerful in delves. Add a curse troop like Vash’Dagon, or a troop who transform the non-devourable opponent, and he eats everything. I’ve used HKI many times against Penglong and if PL is not blessed, devoured. Hope this helps.

Everyone here is right, you couldn’t devour Penglong because the troop is blessed. When HKI gets over 100 attack there is a 100% chance to devour if the troop can be devoured. It isn’t based on skull damage, it it based on the attack stat.

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On a related note, entangle reduces the attack stat to 0 and will always cause Irongut’s devour to fail.


Thank you for the clarification, I thought I missed a big new bug.

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