Devour an Entangled troops

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
Maw devours an Entangled troop and gets 0 attack…
What are the steps to make it happen again?
Devour an Entangled troop.
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No need.

Leshy says that’s a feature not a bug.

There are many other entagled / attack interactions that don’t seem logical, but are related to the way entangled was implemented. Like, don’t cast Mang while entangled. Same thing with reducing attack while entangled, it doesn’t carry through.


I just want a confirmation from devs that it’s a feature :stuck_out_tongue: .

Else I think that troops like Maw/Wulfgarok are enough nerfed with the “barrier protects from Devour” to have another condition…

To be sure, you’re the one applying Entangled. It’s not as much of a “weakness” or “mitigation” as Barrier is.

That’s why it sucks. I apply a protection to the AI troops but I also get a nerf of my Devour troops…

And I don’t see Entangle on the player troops as a counter of Devour: Barrier was boosted so it can counter Devour.

My conclusion is that you cannot use a Devour troops with an Entangler…

I don’t think its as bad as you’re making it out to be. You’re still adding their life and armor to your own, plus killing an opponent troop. That isn’t a bad outcome, even if it isn’t as nice as also buffing your attack.

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Of course it is: if I want to put a Devourer in front I want him to Devour to boost his Life+Armor for his tankness but mainly for boosting his attack so he can crush with skulls the other troops.

Today I was doing my battles, I devoured a full Entangled Famine and I was surprised to not have my Attack boosted.
Is it intended or not, I don’t know :wink: .

I suspect it’s as “intended” as everything else with Entangled is. When the effect is applied, the troop’s Attack value is saved off, and then set to 0. The original value is fixed until the effect wears off, so increase/decrease effects do not apply, but for the duration of the Entangled status, the troop is treated as having 0 Attack for all effective purposes. Devour just happens to be another case of this. Within this definition, Entangled+Devour are behaving as intended.

It’s not how I would have implemented Entangled, but that’s another story.


It has always been that way…you get their stats when a troop is entangled they have 0 attack…

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Notice also that the help text for Entangled says: “Entangled troops have their Attack reduced to zero.” It does not say: “Entangled troops do no damage when matching Skulls.” That’s a subtle but important distinction. Devour says: “Destroys another troop and adds their Attack, Armor, and Life to your own.” If Attack is zero, then adding zero will not boost the Devouring troop’s Attack.

Essentially, even interpreted pedantically, things are working as intended.


You’re right. It’s intended (so I move the topic in the Gameplay category).

But I think Entangle should be “Entangled troops do no damage when matching Skulls.” so:

  • no damage can be done when matching 4±skulls (and so no trigger of some annoying 3rd trait)
  • devour an entangled troop gives you Attack
    It seems to me that the actual version of entangle it’s more a trick than a real implementation…

I agree. I feel that Entangled shouldn’t zero out the troop’s Attack either, and that Attack-increasing or -decreasing effects should apply even while Entangled. It doesn’t feel right that the old Attack value be held “in escrow” while the effect is active.

I think the code should be setting damage to zero at Skull match time, and should never touch Attack, mechanically or graphically.

(Which is what I meant above by, “not how I would have implemented it.”)

I never use it, but would Web have a similar issue with Devour and/or increasing/decreasing Magic while Webbed?

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No issue as Devour doesn’t increase Magic :slight_smile: .

If I have to code Entangle, I will just put a simple if condition: if not Entangle, do damage

You’re right, of course. Devour doesn’t increase Magic. But if you are Webbed, will troops like Keghammer apply the Magic decrease? I suspect not, as Web mirrors Entangle in every other way. I feel both of these effects should apply at cast/attack time only and not hold the unmodified values in escrow as is evidenced today.

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War’s spell doesn’t do much damage when he’s Entangled… Another victim of a tricky and not proper implementation of Entangle…

I think this is also working as intended