Devour not working when entangled

You will eat the troop, but you will NOT gain any stats, which kind of ruins it.
On X1

Is it all stats which aren’t acquired after the devour?
Or is it just attack that doesn’t go up?

If it’s the latter, than it’s working as intended. If not, something fishy is afoot.

I think we need more details. What troop is doing the devouring, and is it the one that is entangled or not?

For example, if I had an entangled Great Maw that devoured an enemy troop, I should gain their life and armor, but my attack will still be zero immediately after and will go back to what it was when I was originally entangled. That is as intended.

If I have an unentangled Great Maw that devours an entangled troop, I should gain their life and armor but my attack will not increase, since that enemy’s attack is currently zero. Again, that is intended.

In either of the above cases, if you don’t gain the life and armor, there is a problem.

If I am using, say, Kruarg the Dread, and I am entangled, then I shouldn’t be able to devour on skull hits unless I make a 4 or 5 match, to do 1 or 2 damage (and the 5% chance procs). In these cases, I should still be gaining armor and life, but won’t gain attack.

Do any of these describe what you’re seeing?


See also this thread:

Doomclaw entangled and Devouring, NO stats gained at all

I think Entangled has always had what players consider a bad interaction with stat boosts. I remember a similar thread indicating stat gains via Runic Blade weren’t working via Entangled.

Player opinion was divided.

Some people believe the way Entangle should work is to “hide” your Attack stat. So if you obtain any bonus while entangled, it will be reflected when the status ends.

Reality seems to be Entangle hard-sets your Attack to 0, and resets it to whatever it was when entangled after the status ends.

I don’t remember if the devs chimed in.

This is… fairly old. I found this thread when double-checking, and it’s from 2016: Entangle vs Attack Modifier Issues (Recap/Update/Suggestions)

The devs DID chime in there and… it looks like never got around to it.

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In that case, use the video capture feature of your console and submit the video with a support ticket, or post the video here. Is it happening just with Doomclaw or is it happening with other troops that devour as well? I don’t have Doomclaw and the only troop I regularly use that devours is Wulfy (who can’t be entangled), so I won’t have seen what you’re seeing.

I also have kerb but he’s not in my main team. Not a big deal I don’t care that much

Attack should not increase, but everything else should when entangled

That’s not what Sirrian said should happen.

This post was from when entangle used to break if any attack buff was used, but a change was made. They opted to not rewrite the code completely to use a different variable to track attack values and change the way entangle interacted, and instead a few months down the line in 2.0.1 in July 2016 it was changed so attack buffs didn’t overwrite entangle so the rest of the behavior of entangle (attack cannot be changed, and that it is a functional zero for every interaction) was wrote in as an “intended” as part of the status. Thats where we stand now, and I don’t see any further changes happening.

Yeah, it struck me this morning when I saw I had a reply, “Wait, what if there are threads between 2016 and now where a different decision was made?”

It’s still not part of the official definition of entangle: