Fighting Self Error and No Enchant Devour

###There are two bugs I noticed as of today:

1: Retreating a battle against one’s own defend team causes the below error.

2: Devouring an enchanted enemy, even when that devour is triggered by means other than ability (5% on skull), does not claim the enchanted buff. Isn’t devour supposed to claim all positive effects on a troop? If not, devouring a troop with barrier still gives the devouring troop a barrier.

Both of these occurred on the PC / Steam version of the game.


Devour currently only claims Barrier. However we may consider devour claiming Enchant in the future.


I agree with Tacet that it should also transfer Enchanted :slight_smile:

Finally! Thanks for making this nasty bug REPRODUCIBLY CONSISTENT, @Tacet

Hope it didn’t count as a PvP loss against your own team.

No those are magical effects. The devourer shouldn’t acquire status effects. That’s dumb.

Honestly, I feel devouring troops should transfer all status effects, good and bad. (e.g. Poison, Enchant, etc.)

Poison makes sense, since it’s a physical status effect. It totally makes sense that if you poison something and then eat it, you’re going to be poisoned too.

But with barrier, for example, you’re talking about a “magical aura”.

I mean technically transferring all status effects makes sense but story wise, transferring barrier and transferring poison are two completely different things.