High King Irongut Trait Rework

I love HKI. Easily one of my most favorite troops in the game. However, the logic behind is third trait troubles me. His main purpose is to devour troops. When you devour you absorb the opponents armor, life and attack. However, when his third trait “Just a Bite” procs you steal 4 life from the first enemy. Cute play on words, but not true to form. I propose that it is changed to “steal 1 life, armor, and attack from the first ebemy on brown matches” this will make him a little less dependent on having another troop boost his attack, but not so op that he’s getting to 100 attack in one turn. His base attack for me right now is 35, so even after 15 brown matches he would still have a 50/50 shit at missing. I’ve played a few delves and missed 7 or 8 50/50’s in a row.

I think you have a point about it being on-theme, but I wonder if it isn’t more useful to steal 4 life.

That’s not a small chunk of damage, and honestly in any context where I plan on using Irongut I do intend to get him to 100 in one turn. In PvP, sure, but in Delves I usually have him starting at 55 attack or higher. One Earth’s Fury even in a lower-level Delve is usually all I need to make him an eating machine.

My problem with “steal armor” in this case is later in the game it doesn’t do anything. If I’m playing Irongut, I probably have Earth’s Fury. So I’m stripping the armor off my enemies anyway, and this trait makes EF slightly worse (though not enough to matter).

But I could go either way. If he already had the trait as you’re describing it, I’d still think he’s a great troop.

Unfortunately, not all of us have EF(yet). That weapon came out right before I started playing this game. And as the devs are seemingly intent in us new players not getting Earth’s Fury, Yasmines Pride, or Tricksters Shot… I don’t know if I’ll ever get it. That said, armor and life are seemingly useless to IG as a whole since once does devour its normally a wrap, I’m just looking for a way to keep his trait on them, and more or less give him a win condition. Match enough brown and I eventually will win.


Yes, its very unfortunate that players joining the game are denied opportunities to get great event weapons that have been introduced in days of yore. There is a thread requesting the addition of such weapons to the forge on a rotation basis, as is the case with the mythic and legendary options that change each week.
I think most players would support such a move but for now it doesn’t seem to be on the “to do” list.