(Resolved) High King Irongut, spell is broken

I tried boosting him to 156 Attack. And he still misses with his Devour attack, very often. He does damage based on Magic. But no Devour.

You know that a lot of troops are immune to devour?
Make a screenshot next time it doesn’t work


Even at 355 attack, and 97 Magic. It still did not Devour.

Tried it on 4 different units.


Did they all happen to be Dwarves? Please post the troop names.

Impervioud maybe?

Does it damage first, and then only devour if they survive, so you don’t see the animation?

Or does it Devour either way?

If so. That might be what i am seeing. Because i can do it agan and again however many times i want. It won’t devour.

Tell or list the names of all troops, especially the one that you wanted to Devour. They might have had some immunity.

Yes, if he kills a troop with damage there is nothing left to devour

I’ve used Irongut a lot, personally, and it’s functioned as expected each time. You do have to keep in mind:

  1. Some troops are immune to devour.
  2. Abilities are non-atomic: each step happens in order. If the damage kills a troop, the Devour step has nothing to do. It’s a small downside to his extreme upside.

As mentioned, hard to comment on your problem without seeing actual videos.

There are, however, variances in how damage/devour are applied. For example, Kraken deals damage first, devours second while Gob-chomper, on the other hand, rolls devour chance first and, if it fails, deals damage second…so not one uniform behavour.

I used him in delves and every time the first devour hit, all the following nom noms work to 100%

Just used him, and he works. I am on IOS.
Don’t know what is wrong with yours.
Good luck, he’s a fun troop.

@Mr.B sorry to sound like a broken record, I just wanted you to have an “official” answer, as others have said, if you provide a list of the enemy troops we’ll be able to help you with this :slight_smile:

Okay, one thing is known now - Irongut, just like Kraken, deals damage first, devours after.

On the first day of getting him I posted the same question on a different forum. I had cast his spell about 30 times and did not get devour even once. His attack was around 50+, so I would have expected at least 1 devour, but absolutely nothing. And yes, I did make sure that every enemy I cast the spell on was not immune to devour. And yes, the spell did cause the small 24? damage.

That doesn’t sound like a broken mechanic as the OP has described (pending video or screenshot) but pure luck.

With my Irongut at 81 attack yesterday it failed to devour the same troop twice until the 3rd attempt.

It’s just like the time when my hoard level failed to increase at a 95% success rate.

The damage negation i can only make it out as a barrier? :thinking:

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Extreme, extreme, extreme bad luck, but nevertheless you’re probably right. TBH I gave up using him after a whole night of no devour, I might just give him a go again tonight and will probably get 30 devours on the run!

I still think this might be a case of unknown or forgotten immunity, i still often forget you can’t Devour dwarves.