[NOT A BUG] Wrong bonus calculation

My Dragotaur destroys a row and give 4 attack and armour to all dragons allies, boosted by yellow gems destroyed, with the rate of x2.

But when destroying 3 or more gems, the bonus given is just wrong.

With 2 gems destroyed, the bonus given is +8/+8

With 3 gems, the bonus is +10/+10.

What kind of math is used in this case?

Firstly, there’s a mistake in your post - Dragotaur destroys a column not a row, as you have written.
Secondly, would you provide screenshots illustrating your case?
I checked it just now and it seems to be working as expected for me.

Before destroying 4 yellow gems in the rightmost column:

After - 56+4x2=64 stats given

Before destroying 3 yellow gems in the second column:

After - 56+3x2=62 stats given

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Learn some basic math!
With two gems the stat gain is 8 which is 4 base + 2x2 boost
with 3 gem, 4 base + 3x2 = 10

4 + ( 2 x yellow )

The bonuses are worded quite poorly. It took me a while to work out as a new player that “x 2” really means “base + (y x 2)” where y is the variable in question (in this case number of yellow gems).
I have always found it quite confusing and mathematically imprecise.

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Oh this is even an easily comprehendable bonus. Sometimes it is given as ratios like 3:1
sometimes you can see bonus x100 where it not means any sense.
Delve chest treasure multipliers are the worst!