How gold is calculated in Explores, how your boosts work

So last week I was trying to figure out if it was worth the 500 gems to buy the Dragon armor. I had previously bought the Celestial Armor, because more souls sounded better than more gold. But now that I was in a really good guild, and lots of people were hitting the Tasks hard, I wanted to contribute more. But was a +50% gold bonus really that worth dropping 500 gems on.

So I started doing some tests in L12 explores, and NOTHING made any sense whatsoever. So I sat down and decided to tear the numbers apart so I could figure out HOW exactly the gold from those battles was calculated, and how any bonuses were factored in.

If this information is common knowledge, and I’m just reposting something that has already been figured out, my apologies. But I like to figure out puzzles so I wanted to figure out the math myself. And since I finally got around to making a forum account, thought I’d post my findings:

How gold is calculated in explores:
The base Gold given in explores SEEMS to be around 119.2. The game uses decimals which are sometimes dropped for display (55.7 would show as 55) or sometimes rounded off (55.7 would show as 58). That seems to be a really odd number, so I’m sure that number is calculated from something else, but I cannot figure out where it might be coming from. Or maybe some of my math is slightly off because I’m assuming rounding, when it’s not. It might also be that the 2% bonus I’m getting from a pet is calculated in differently… because when I remove that 2% bonus from the math, the numbers all work out a lot nicer and more cleanly… however… then I’m not getting the correct total. It’s short.


119.2 base Gold is multiplied by the bonuses you get from Armor, Pet, VIP status, and that month-long-boost-ring paid offer you can buy. My total is 177% - 100% from Dragon Armor, 25% from VIP, 50% from the ring I bought because I was super bored a few weeks ago, and 2% from my pet.

So 119.2 * 177% = 210.984. Add the base 119.2 to it and you get 330.184.

That number is then multiplied by the Explore level multiplier. 7.3 in the case of Level 12.

330.184 * 7.3 = 2410.34 base Gold from the battle.

Now we figure out gold gained IN the battle. You can get a max of 100. Or a max of 200 with a Cedrick, 300 with two of them, etc. The % bonus gold granted by troops like Cedrick or the Delve treasures ONLY effect gold gained in battle. A 100% bonus IN battle allows you to get up to 200 total, but that multiplier has no effect at all on after battle calculations.

So lets say you used a Skeleton Key team with a single Cedrick, and you earned 200 gold in the battle.

200 gold in the battle, plus the previous 177% bonus equals 554 gold. (200 + (200 * 1.77) = 554)

Now, that gold is also multiplied by the level multiplier. 554 * 7.3 = 4044.2. For a grand total of 6454 gold.

The stacking multipliers (base multiplier and then the Explore Level multiplier) make the in-battle gold gained skyrocket.

With my current setup, using a 2 Cedrick Skeleton Key team (leaving battle with 300 gold) nets me 8,476 gold per battle. That will drop to 6,946 gold when my ring runs out in 10 days or so. So a 50% bonus to gold, especially in the new Explores, is a huge boost, if you can manage to pull 300 gold out of a battle.

Now, how do I make a 3 Cedrick team that can actually win? Thats the next trick!

In closing, the math is weird. But, even a small % bonus on the front end turns into a huge boost in L12 explores.

The formula, without all the blathering:
((Base Gold + Bonus from Armor/VIP/Pet/Ring) * Explore Level Multiplier) + ((Gold earned in the battle + Bonus from Armor/VIP/Pet/Ring) * Explore Level Multiplier) = Total gold earned

If anyone wants to help do any further testing and post some numbers I’d appreciate it. 119.2 as a base Gold is a stupid number that doesn’t make any sense. So my math is off somewhere. But if I make the # be 120, everything comes in too high. If I remove the 2% pet bonus, it comes in too low. I think the pet bonus is calculated in elsewhere in a step that I’m missing.

If anyone could post what their total gold bonus is (from your hero’s page on the ‘bonuses’ tab), ideally people WITHOUT a pet bonus, the level explore they did, and what their gold total was they earned in the battle (ideally a base maximum 100 gold, makes the math easier) I’d appreciate it. I’d like to find the hole in the math. Any data is helpful, but mostly looking for those without a pet bonus. Thats the smallest % on there and seems to be breaking the number the most. Thanks.


Sorry not petless, but hope it helps.

Thanks for the info. There’s a small something that’s going on and I’m gonna find it dammit! :slight_smile: When I plug your numbers into my spreadsheet, I need to adjust the base Gold down to 119.12 to get 9301 from the battle. There’s a small multiplier happening somewhere I cannot find. And since we cannot remove pets… I feel like I need the result from someone who doesn’t have the Mini Mimic to better hunt it down.

But my numbers are close! I shall prevail! Or just waste a lot of time figuring out math thats really not all that important. Probably that. But whatever. :slight_smile:


Been there, done that. With the old version of Explore. Enjoy your tilting at windmills!

Edit: check out that old UI!

If you use my math on your numbers, it ALMOST explains it. Assume a 457 base with a 225% multiplier… if you take the 6 gold earned, multiply THAT by a 225% bonus, and add it to the 457, you get 477 gold (if you round up).

As for the 27 gold… 457 + (27 + (27 * 2.25)) = 545… which is less than 560 though. Which breaks the theory. It’s hard to say based on a set of old rules. There was probably some other multiplier in there which we couldn’t see.

All I know for sure is that gold earned IN the battle is multiplied separately from the base gold, and then added to the base gold total.

Also, if I say XP instead of gold anywhere in this thread, I mean gold. For some reason, my brain wants to type XP when I’m doing these numbers. I’ve had to go back and correct XP to Gold like 4x already. In my google sheet in which I set up all the math, even thats labeled BaseXP, Bonus XP, etc… not sure why my brain is stuck on XP. So if you see me write XP, I meant Gold. I just didn’t catch it.

And as I write I realized that I forgot to check my GF’s game… she plays super casual. I’ll try and remember to check hers tonight and see what the numbers look like. I’m almost positive she never got the gold bonus pet.

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