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Explore and Dungeon gold not calculated correctly

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
My gold multiplier is 225%:

When I complete an Explore battle having made no 4+ matches, I receive 457 gold. Example:

If I earn 6 gold during the match, I receive 479:

This is a multiplier of 380%, not 225%. If I earn 27 gold in the match, the same multiplier is used (457 + 27*3.8 = 560):

As far as I can tell, it is only in Explore mode that my gold multiplier is 380%. (Almost) everywhere else, it is the proper, 225%, value.


At least the Explore mode gold is consistent. In Dungeons, I get different amounts of gold for each match:

I mean, I don’t actually get different amounts of gold, because Dungeons are bugged and do not award any gold at all. But that is a topic for a different thread (which I made in the past, but can’t be bothered to find on my phone).


Difficulty setting…

Normal, everywhere.

Difficulty doesn’t effect all modes, and we’ve had lots of false alarms on this before.

Play a few explore games and adjust the difficulty between games.

As requested, here’s data from seven Explore matches played on either Warlord I (my gold bonus should be 250%), or Warlord III (300%).

Warlord I screenshots


Warlord III screenshots


From the screenshots posted so far, we see that Normal/Warlord I/Warlord III award 0gold values (with no 4+ matches taken) of 457, 508, and 609 gold. This is consistent with a base amount of 202 gold (yes, the 2 is there; no idea why), multiplied by 225%, 250%, and 300% – exactly what I expect from the map screen.

The 0gold values do not work out as nicely if I use the multipliers from in-battle 4+ matches. (More on them later.) If I use those numbers, the 0gold formula works out to be 1.27*$(gold bonus)-26. So you get a bonus based on your armor, but then 26 gold is subtracted at the end – the only place I’m aware of in the game, besides select spells, where gold ever has a minus sign associated with it. I’m going to call this unlikely/wrong, especially because the rounding doesn’t work out quite right.

Now, if I start earning gold during matches, what do I see at the victory screen?

Tables of multipliers

Normal (repeated from OP)

0gold 6 27
457 479 560
Mult. 370% 380%

Warlord I

0gold 26 32
508 618 643
Mult. 420% 420%

Warlord III*

0gold 6 26 88
609 639 741 909
Mult. 500% 510% 340%

The multiplier used for gold at the Normal difficulty is 380% (the 370% in that row may be roundoff error). The multiplier at Warlord I appears to be 420%. At Warlord III, I get 5 gold afterward for every 1 I earn in the battle – a 500% multiplier! Sort of.

Check out that last column of the Warlord III table. I earned 88 gold just from 4- and 5-matches. I’m actually pretty proud of that, despite it being the RNG’s work and not my own. For my efforts, the game gave me a 340% multiplier – less than what I was earning at Normal difficulty!

In conclusion, I have no idea what’s going on with the gold multipliers. The base (0gold) amounts are consistent with my armor/VIP/difficulty modifiers, but the gold earned in-match is just crazy.

Now, that looks like a pretty interesting puzzle, I might take a swing at it myself when I get home. I suspect the solution is a little more tricky than just a flat bonus multiplier. On a wild guess, have you tried running explore without using a Greedy troop? I’d assume that the base gold reward is 200 * [gold multiplier], with Greedy (and possibly Bombot explode wins chaining into extra turn matches) contributing in an expected way.

You can see good ol’ Princess Elspeth, the greediest troop of them all, right at the top of each screenshot. If you want to try and tease out a secondary dependence on the Greedy trait, be my guest. I believe there’s only one way to score 6-32 gold in 6- or 7-gold clumps, so it should be possible to determine just how many times the Greedy trait fired for all but the 909-gold Warlord III match.

Now, that match demands explanation.

I wouldn’t be surprised if “extra turn” gold and “trait” gold behaves differently whenever multiple matches overlap.

Now that, I can assure you, never happened. I never created giant blobs, Troll/transformer style. Each one of my 4+ matches was all by its lonesome.

Okay, this is really weird. I’ve been running a few dozen explores at 200% gold, it always mapped the same collected gold value to the same awarded gold value, on multiple occasions:

0 -> 406
6 -> 426
12 -> 446
13 -> 450
14 -> 454
19 -> 470
20 -> 474
26 -> 494
33 -> 518
47 -> 566

Team was Elspeth/Bombot/Bombot/Mechanist. Results were the same for (+100% gold armor bonus, +0% gold difficulty bonus) and (+50% gold armor bonus, +50% difficulty gold bonus), so it doesn’t seem to matter how the total bonus is achieved.

There was one exception, my very first fight resulted in

18 -> 478

which doesn’t match the pattern above. I had been using my soul farming team for that one, which may require further analysis.

I’m comfortable at this point calling in the people who have access to the code. @Ozball, do you have any idea what could/should be happening here? Especially the two weird results that occurred.

(My 909-gold game was with the same team as all the others, for the record.)

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I never change my difficulty, and I’ve noticed the rewards are quite varied across modes & battles. Its probably more based on the specific developer who did the coding that particular day or if they were multi tasking at the time…

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The plot deepens. If I use Mercy/Valkyrie/Crimson Bat/Pharos Ra instead, I get more gold:

10 -> 446
31 -> 530
34 -> 542
43 -> 578

So yes, the team composition somehow has an impact on the collected gold multiplier. Maybe there’s a survival bonus for not losing a troop? Needs more testing.

For dungeon fights, the gold I didn’t get at the end was always twice the collected gold, matching my 200% gold multiplier. The same team as above was used.

Quick question, are you using Nax in your explore team this week?

Nope! Elspeth / Bombot / Hero / Troglodyte for Normal and W1, Elspeth / Bombot / Bombot / Hero for W3.

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Ok so I’ve sorted this one out.

Short Answer: Gold bonuses are working correctly!

Long Answer: While the calculations of bonuses are correct, there was a bug added in the change over to Unity that was adding your ingame collected gold twice, once modified for traits and once unmodified. Hence why your games with 0 collected gold are consistent, but once you started collecting gold stuff started going off the rails.

As a recap on how these bonuses work (for clarity and for anyone else who might be reading this). And most of this is detailed in this support article (https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/215112506-Are-my-Soul-Gold-XP-Bonuses-working-Correctly-)

Every battle you play you earn 3 gold regardless of if you win or lose. If you win a battle you get a further bonus of 7 gold, except in Explore where that bonus is 200. So for each explore battle you win, you get a base of 203 gold.

Now bonuses (and the stuff from the support article) work like this. Traits such as Merchant and Necromancy affect your in-game gains, as well as your in-game caps. So each 4/5 match is multiplied by your Merchant bonus each time you make the match, and this is added to your collected gold at the top of the screen.

Once you finish the game, your collected gold (which has already been modified by traits when you collected it) is added to your base winnings (203 gold) to give you a total reward gold amount. This total reward amount is then multiplied by your gold bonus from VIP/Guild/Armour/etc (as seen on the world map).

A quick working example:

I play explore with the team used in the OP (Elspeth/Bombot/Bombot/Troglodyte), and have 1 Merchant trait active.

During the battle I make 1 4-match and 1 5-match. I get a total of (41.25 + 51.25) = 11.25 gold collected. This gets truncated to 11. We then finish our battle (Victory!) and start tallying our rewards. We get 3 gold for playing, 200 for winning, and 11 from gold collected in battle for a grand total of 214 gold. We also have Death Knight Armor and some VIP levels for a total of 275% gold bonus. So our grand total gold reward from the battle is 214 * 2.75 = 588 gold.


This doesn’t quite seem to explain all the results I have been getting. My team A (Elspeth, Bombot, Bombot, Mechanist) gets slightly less total gold exploring for the same gold collected than my team B (Mercy, Valkyrie, Crimson Bat, Pharos-Ra).

So far, results have been 100% reproducible, over roughly 50 battles. Same armor (Celestial), same difficulty (Warlord II), same kingdom (Khaziel), switching between those two teams somehow modifies the calculation applied. All troops are fully traited, at level 20.

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That and the 909-gold battle still need explaining. (Also, your 478-gold battle that broke from the trend.)

It’s not just the one 478 gold battle, it’s every battle with my soul team:

10 -> 446
18 -> 478
31 -> 530
34 -> 542
43 -> 578

Compared to my Elspeth team:

0 -> 406
6 -> 426
12 -> 446
13 -> 450
14 -> 454
19 -> 470
20 -> 474
26 -> 494
33 -> 518
47 -> 566

Maybe your 909 gold battle can be explained by Elspeth summoning a knight toggling a similar switch in calculation?

If you look at my screenshot, you’ll see that my hero is the bottom troop. Which means I didn’t sacrifice him to Elspeth. So it’s possible that summoning a knight increases the multiplier. But I don’t think that’s the case, based on my experience with Normal battles. I’ll take another look.