(Not A Bug) Webspinner inflicting always triple skull damage

Webspinner third trait - deal triple damage skull to poisoned or webbed enemies works always even against healthy opponent. Because 2nd trait inflict web is executed before doing skull damage.
Its regresion bug in current version of gow.
Just put webspinner in first position and enjoy slaying opponents via single skull damages.
It supposed to work on round 2, first web opponent and in second round you have chance to deal triple damage. But it works immediatelly. This week guild wars is a joke due to this exploit.
Android/PC platform

It’s a feature, not a bug.
This was already discussed in the past somewhere.

If this is feature then why :

  1. In previous versions worked as expected
  2. Why third traid is not called always do triple skull damage?

There is no card in whole game even among mythics which would be so powerfull dealing skull damages.
Basicaly webspinner attack is multiplied by 3.
Its definitely bug there is no subject for discusion, its a bug / exploit.
Imagine skull spam teams with spinner in first position…
Even great maw after devour doesnt have so huge damage.
Also weapons which increase attack work in round two.

Because it doesn’t do 3 times as much damage to Impervious, Invulnerable, or blessed troops that can’t be poisoned or webbed.

Use the search feature to find the thread where it was all explained.

Prime example of a “feature*” IMO.

*consequence of an unintended interaction that wasn’t fully thought out but isn’t seen worth the time or effort to change

For the record, Webspinner has worked this way third trait was last changed. Previously, she would only deal triple skull damage to poisoned enemies, so this interaction never happened. A different troop, Crimson Arrow, that applies Hunter’s Mark on skull damage worked similarly since its introduction by dealing double skull damage on the turn it applied the Hunter’s Mark.

Yeah, it seems a bit silly, but it isn’t even remotely as overpowered or broken as implied.

I wouldn’t expect this to ever be fixed in a satisfactory manner, and if it does, it wont be soon. The most likely outcomes would be:

a) It remains how it is now
b) Webspinner is hard nerfed to not inflict web on skull damage
c) Webspinner is reverted to not deal triple damage to webbed troops and loses Arachnean Weaver synergy (the most likely reason this was even added)

This, combined with a previous “not a bug” reply from a dev shows that the current course of action is a. Comparatively few people would complain if it was truly fixed to only calc triple damage if web was already applied, but mostly people just don’t want to see b or c, which is historically what they would do. Hence, most readily accept that it is “not a bug”, because they know the consequences otherwise.

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No it’s not a bug. Traits activate in order so when Webspinner does skull damage his second trait activates and webs the enemy and then his third trait activates dealing triple damage.


And as I understand, as per this comment:

truly’ fixing it would require fiddling with code that deals with the core mechanics of effect sequencing, which would take ages and be kind of risky, right? I think I saw someone mention something like that, once.


Moved thread to feedback section so you can keep discussing this and providing feedback.

It seems like one of those things that doesn’t work as intended, but devs decided to just leave it. It sure hits hard, but the troop doesn’t feel broken. I’m fine either way on this one.

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The skull damage helps to make up for the fact that Webspinner’s spell is simply awful for a legendary troop.

As a AW lover/user i would say webspinner right now is perfectly fine.

The silly titan/DE user that today (blue day) got a troop, titan included, 1 hitted every turn in GW may think otherwise tho.

Crimson bat is a similar hard skull bash triple whammy…with no Web or poisoning needed. I like them both on blue day.