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Another bug

So it’s day 1 wars. Webspinner is enemy P1 and fist of zorn is in the mix. I have 244 P1 HP and I am not webbed obviously. I make a move and zorn matches 3 skulls. Webspinner has 69 attack and bang…I lose hero and thief perk kills TPK. Totally impossible. Even with Web I could have taken the hit. So P1 leaves rock troll and gray king. King is brilliant and we won but obviously my 9.35k is at least 200 points short. Please explain how I died

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zorn gives (magic/2) attack to 1st ally. So Webspinner’s 69 attack turned into, maybe 85? 85x3 from lethal toxin = 255 > 244.

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Yes. But it’s still impossible for my hero to die without web

it’s obviously not “impossible” if that’s what occurred.

Webspinner inflicts web then does 3x skull damage. it’s how it’s always worked. It’s not a bug.

So w spinner matches skulls but inflicts web before activating skull hit? Yes that would explain it…like another shite spell description that leaves everyone guessing the outcome.


Webspinner webs before it does damage, its always the triple damage, unless Webspinner is stunned or has some other reason its traits aren’t up.

I use it with gimlet on my defense team. I wish I could watch replays of them. Gimlet enrages it also.

Well either way it got smashed by the beauty of gray king. No duplicity with that guy. Pure ronseal

So zorn gave 16 attack and spinner webbed then gave triple skull damage. That’s just another fucking shite spell/trait description

This mechanic is exactly how webspinner works and why it’s on teams in the first place. Has always been like that.

all things that inflict status on matching skulls work like that, why?

Because game calculates it this way:

  1. check, what gems were matched
  2. apply traits/on hit effects
  3. add mana/do skull damage

Same goes for “on cast” effects, where traits activate before spell bunses are calculated and effect is applied to enemies.

I don’t care clarify spell/trait/affix order and this will be no issue

It’s clear… Both webspinner traits are clear -> one that he inflicts webbed effect while doing skull damage. And another one, that skull damage done by him to webbed or poisioned enemies gets trippled.

One thing that’s unclear for new players is that All status effects that are applied while doing skull damage, apply in the same move that triggers them to show up.
Same goes for Eagle Eye trait (hunter mark enemy while doing skull damage) -> damage getts multiplied one the same move that puts the debuff.

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