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[Not a bug] Summer's Fury

Summer’s fury says do X damage to all enemies and create 6 red gems. I’m missing extra turns with it on a regular basis. I looks like 5 matches (+ or L) regularly get counted as 3. I’m not 100% sure but It appears it adds one red gem, checks for matches, then adds the 2nd, checks for matches… etc up to 6 Instead of the expected behaviour of add 6 gems and check for matches

Windows 10 4.8.0r19753

This is likely your problem.

Gem removal happens before board resolution. So you create and then remove 1.

I tested and had it block/interfere with 1 of my 4 matches while others went though normally.

Gem creation seems totally normal on 0.25x speed.

Edit - meant to take video but my comp is being a pain and I dont feel like restarting it.


And since you’re new here and destroy random gem was discussed exhaustively long ago…

  1. The missing 4 and 5 matches are caused by the destroyed gem like Jedi said.

  2. The players ‘hate’ the destroy random gem affix on weapons, and many players skip that upgrade.

  3. Devs I believe promised to make no more of those destroy 1 random gem weapons.

  4. The current destroy 1 random gem weapons may get changed in the future wishy washy wishy washy maybe answer to ‘gain one mana’

  5. They will not ad an option to toggle traits off.

  6. The create 1 gem weapons, same as above.