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"Hot" trait on a weapon fires before gems are matched

Platform, device version and operating system
PC, Windows 10

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
Weapon - “Summer’s Fury +9”
On weapon skill use it spawns 6 red gems, then destroys one (due to trait “Hot”) and only then matches gems on the board. This way quite often one destroyed gem removes a possible combination of 3 or more red gems.
A more logical event flow would be - spawn gems, match gems on board, and only then destroy one gem.

If it “works as designed”, then I would like to know is there a way to downgrade my weapon to turn this trait off?


Sadly this is as designed. All abilities trigger before gems are matched. So for weapons that generate gems, an affix that destroys gems can disrupt 4-matches.

There’s not a way to go back. This has been a complaint since the first weapon with the affix was upgraded. The devs have never indicated interest in this.

But now you have joined the forums! Next time the devs add some feature that gets worse the more you use it, you’ll find out before you fall prey! Seriously. Never, EVER spend resources on anything in this game without waiting for someone else to be the guinea pig.


Just confirming that this is working as intended.

I’ll be making a Help Centre article with this information but essentially the order of execution is:

Spell -> Affixes -> Check for dead -> Resolve board (ie. check for matches) -> Cascades -> Resolve board
With Traits executing anywhere in that order in accordance with when the Trait description says it will trigger.

Would you consider changing the priority order so that affixes is checked after the Resolve board (ie. check for matches) phase so that a good majority of the weapon upgrades don’t feel like a dramatic waste of time or a weapon downgrade?


I’ve passed that feedback onto the team for consideration :slight_smile:


Assuming the coding won’t break elsewhere, this would be an elegant solution to the weapon updowngrade problem. A suggestion I would like more than once, for sure.