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(Not a Bug) Spooky imp damage

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Platform, device version and operating system:
Android, galaxy tab.

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
When using spooky imp, it states 31 scatter damage to each enemy, this seemed to work earlier in the day, but this evening when I started playing again, I notice that it is only doing a total of 31 damage split between all enemies.

**How often does this happen? When did it begin ?
When I leveled spooky imp this morning, it was working as expected, but this evening it started only doing a total of 31 damage.

Steps to make it happen again
Fill up the mana, trigger the spooky imp atack, you’ll notice that it doesn’t attack as expected.

I’ve tried to restart my device, the game multiple times, and use spooky imp in a different team.


This is working as intended.

The spell reads:
“Deal X scatter damage to all enemies” (not each enemy)

As in X damage split among all enemies.

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Hi Kafka,

Others that “split” the amount state that. Spooky says to all enemies just like webweaver which deals 9 damage to each enemy, not total.

For example, the dream weaver weapon states 16 damage randomly split among enemies.


Check the tool tip. Scatter damage is another word for split damage.


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Thanks. I’m definitely super bummed by the way it is worded. I spent a good amount of resources for Spooky expecting a different experience. I’d definitely like to see more consistent descriptions moving forward, please consider this as a feature request.

Please close.

The team are considering revising the Spell descriptions in the future for Troops. Unfortunately, it’s a massive amount of work so would take some time and is therefore something that has not yet been done. Closing as requested