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[Not a Bug] Sand Scuttler's spell locks all Sand Scuttlers

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
I cast Sand Scuttler’s spell with the first of three, then all three Sand Scuttlers became locked. I expected that each Sand Scuttler cast its spell once, i.e. 3 Sand Scuttlers - 3 casts, not one for all.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Never watched it before until current Raid Boss, where you can meet 2 Sand Scuttlers in Boss team.

Working as intended.

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Hahaha. I made a team with 4 Dwarven Slayers, got mana and cast the spell. The first one died gloriously, and all others survived, but their spells became locked. I suspect the same will be with Tassarion.

All one shot spells work that way, Scorpius too.
Wish it didn’t though.

And it won’t be changed in 4.0?

It is an intended mechanic that all one shot spell troops have.

It won’t be changed as these abilities act as high impact spells that can only be cast once per battle across the entire team. The reason each individual one doesn’t have a 1 limit is that would be too overpowered in some instances, such as 4x Great Maw.

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Okay, thanks.

If it was like this, you could have 4 Great maws and devour all 4 enemies.

Except undevourable troops.

I would be worse with 4 Zuul’Goths. But it’s easy to fight them because they are bosses, so just get some boss-slayers and fight quickly, before bosses get filled with mana.

Really, I don’t understand this solution “1 cast per team” after all.

You’d have to be insane at the game to craft 4 zuul’Goths. You 50,000 souls, 250 gems and EIGHT POWER ORBS EACH. Orbs only got introduced in Feb. 50,000 and the 250 gems r easy but EIGHT ORBS OF POWER? That’s insane.

Wow, you’re good at math.