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The Sand Scuttler is hot garbage

Since I didn’t see a thread for it yet, let’s talk about this week’s special troop. And I mean “special” in the derogatory sense. Wow is the Sand Scuttler a mess.

I ascended mine to epic so far and gave him one trait, and at level 18 his skill is +50 to life and armor. But why the single-cast? Yes I know the life and armor buff are both high numbers, and that’ll be higher with the event, but it’s useless. The only reason to buff a troop’s life or armor is to keep them around longer so they can damage the enemy. And then the cast-once? Shouldn’t cast-once be reserved for spells that would otherwise break the game, like Scorpius or the Great Maw?

Oh, well. At least the Scuttler definitely, positively won’t be impacted by Frozen or Entangled. Wait… he’s not Impervious, you say? So basically he has one spell that helps only himself but not his team, does no damage to the enemy, can only be cast once, and then he basically has no other value for the entire match?

And let’s talk traits. His first trait is start-of-battle only, not even giving the team bonus mana for matches, and it only affects other monster troops–and then only in a very weak way. His second trait regenerates only himself. His third trait, Armored, means he might have some minuscule tank value up front where he sucks mana away from more valuable troops in the beginning–if you forget that Gorgotha is a thing, and when he’s traited he’s a tank that actually charges everybody.

I know I’m off on a bit of a rant, but even the throwaway troops of past events have typically had a skill or trait that was in some way useful. At this point I’m not even sure the Sand Scuttler is worth throwing into my goblin PVP team in the back just for that extra trait stone; I’d rather have someone who can actually win me battles against the nastiest teams. (However, the fact that this week’s event also gives you a bonus trait stone in Explore for using him is nice. In PVP he’s totally worthless, but in Explore his worthlessness will not matter and that’s the mode where I’d rather have a bonus stone anyway. So I will use him for that, and I’m grateful to the devs for opening up the bonus trait stone event to Explore. Credit where it’s due!)

Now let’s talk about what can be done to fix the Sand Scuttler, and also Fizzbang because I will never ever let that go. The Sand Scuttler needs Regeneration to be moved up to his first trait, Armored to his second trait, and his third trait should be Impervious. Then and only then would he be valuable as a front-line troop. Alternatively if his traits were left alone, his spell could be fixed by removing the cast-once restriction, halving his magic with each cast, and adding Cleanse for himself: thereby making him an actual menace to the entangling teams that are everywhere.

As for Fizzbang, her ill-considered nerf should be reworked to change the obnoxious OR behavior back into AND, and to compensate her explosions should be a fixed number of gems (5 was suggested) and the buff amount reduced–the current OR would be easier to swallow however if the times she failed to explode gems, she buffed two troops instead, since usually her buff is wasted on a back-line troop’s attack/armor.

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It’s a Rare, it shouldn’t be anything but a niche troop for players with a somewhat advanced roster. As it stands, new players may find it somewhat useful for the huge one-time buff at low levels, and it may work out okay in Arena. Feels okay to me, it’s not like we need another Fizzbang every week.


It’s filler. It happens.

No need to bring up Fizzbang, who certainly doesn’t need a buff. Guaranteed exploder with guaranteed extra turn is just a bad idea. Full stop.


Shame not every troop can be an infernus or famine…or even a valk or mercy.

Guess I don’t understand the purpose behind railing on a single troop out of the 400+ available, many of which are worse. There have to be “bad” troops to make you appreciate getting the better ones.

Just use him this week for your double traitstones, level/trait him for the extra star and move on.

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Aside from providing us with double arcanes some more consideration should be put on the troops. We have commom troops with much more value and rares that are also better than Epics. Well, the devs are working on buffing troops, let’s hope Sand Scuttler is on the list… :laughing:

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If every pork chop were perfect, we wouldn’t have hot dogs.

If every troop each week were strictly better than all previous troops, we’d have some serious power creep problems. I don’t disagree that Sand Scuttler seems like a hot mess, but it’s not the only troop in the game that’s a hot mess. I’m going to end up using it this week for extra traitstones, then file it away as a curiosity.

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Give the Sand Scuttler all 3 traits, and he’ll work better than some gates. Good enough for a first line troop which is not one I’d regret to lose in the mid-game. I won’t wonder if some of future troops will have a spell summoning it.

This is the type of troop that needs a provoke mechanic (enemy spells can only be cast on a target effected by provoke, or something like that)

For a bad troop check mummified king. He cannot get racial trait because it interfere with his spell that bastite priestess takes advantage of. Also 26 damage and deathmark self seems more suicidal than useful.

He just needs a little bit of love to be viable.

Roc is still the king of one-shot troops.

He’s great against Psion!


Sand Scuttler would be interesting if he could be traited to start with full mana. Then you’d have a wall (at the cost of one turn) and your other three troops would share all the mana.

Of course you can approach this in degrees by allowing him to start with half-mana and/or reducing the very high cost of the spell. 16 mana is a lot.

Oh well, at least the devs can’t be accused of power creep this week :smiley:

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Instead of Empowered I’d say give an extra turn when he casts that one time.

Yes this troop is incredibly bad even for a filler. It is useless for all stages of play.
That being said, and as much as this shows how the Devs do not care even a little bit anymore for balancing new troops(or rebalancing old ones for that matter) i guess it doesn’t really matter how bad a filler troop actually is, you are not gonna use it anyway it is not like you gonna use this one even less than…never.

I have to disagree with the rarity argument though, there are many rare troops i use in very potent and some of my strongest teams simply because these troops actually do have a lot of functionality/synergy etc. Just being rare shouldn’t determine a troop to be completely useless.


I had to double check his mana cost that is 18. :no_mouth:

Not that it matters here, as it never has in the past… but Sirrians Troop flavor write-up sounds like Empowered.

“Their favorite tactic is to burrow down, just below the surface, and lie in wait for their prey to walk overhead, then leap up.”

I disagree with the OP. Sand Scuttler is designed to be use at the top-slot tank for a new player, on the team that doesn’t use much yellow/red on 3 troops below. Its one shot spell is there because its buff is really huge, and it can no longer block its color once it done its job. It’s not perfect, but no card rarely is.

Sure, mid to end game player won’t find much use of it, but it’s still not entirely useless for a Rare card. Every cards have their own use for spacific teams for specific porposes. Not all cards have to be so strong that they can stand on their own. For a mere Rare card, Sand Scuttler is good as it is.

As for your double traitstone event reason, you should find a team that work well against every team with only 3 troops, leaving the last for extra event resource. My favorite are Krystalnex/Valkyrie/Krytalnex for PvP, Sunbird/Firebomb/Forest guardian for Explore.


I absolutely agree and a continuous buff I would imagine the scuttler would be more in the epic or legendary proportion.

The mana for spell cast is somewhat high but for a beginner player this troop can be a godsend.

I remember clutching on to Roc when I first started because the high damage it could provide would outmatch any troop available for me then.


I still feel that it would fair better with a cost of 13, and a 33% armor, and an immunity to Devour.

You do know that its 16 mana, the ** exact opposite** of a new player troop. One of the many reasons why Crude Club and Goblin see so much play is they are 4-6 and get the job done.

I’m not saying your conclusion is wrong, it IS for the new player. But the troop needs some attention if Its ever going to be used by the intended audience.

Or they could just re-name it to “February 2018 Filler” that way it would be truth-in-labeling.

EDIT 16 not 18


For new players, Scuttlebutt will add roughly a combined total of 50 stat points in Life/Armor, for 16 mana. It takes quite a bit more mana and turns to whittle that away with Crude Club and Goblin. And that’s right out of the box, you don’t even need to level/trait it to benefit. I still remember my early days swinging a Crude Club, a tank with such values would have been spectacular.

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