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The Sand Scuttler is hot garbage

For new players fighting vs. new player teams, Sand Scuttler’s pretty dang good even if it takes a lot of startup cost. Be mindful that you step outside of the bubble where you have options like Gorgotha for the tank when you analyze it.

One way you could read this card is that, in the context of a newbie player, it takes less than 50% skull damage with some variance.

Use the winged bison to fill it then? Or ragnagord. Both of these work with a damage dealer or two sat at the bottom using different colours. I don’t see any real point of this thread. Pretty much all troops have a place right across the player base imo.

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Sand scuttler has had his uses but only for this week. He has helped me get quite a lot of double arcades this week through explore. It will probably be the only time he is used.

My Black Beast really likes him.
Poor Scuttlebutt.