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(Not a bug) Problem with Stormheim level 3 quest

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Steam on Windows 10 - 64Bits

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Hello everyone, I am new to the game and I am facing this difficulty. I did the 4 traits as requested, but still showing that the quest is 0/4 (Stormheim). Will not spend more runes for it, for I am a novice and can not afford to spend like this. I would like help with this problem.


Hi, Pronaz. You actually have to unlock all 3 traits on each of 4 different troops for this. This takes a lot of traitstones.

My advice would be to use traitstones on troops you want to use for now, and worry about the kingdom power level later, when you have some ‘extra’ traitstones or are really close to having 4 troops with 3 traits.

Just my two cents. Cheers.


Hi Madhermit, thanks for the quick reply and the advice, I was excited about the level of the kingdom, I understood that it is not a problem but a lack of interpretation on my part.

Have a nice week

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Glad you got that sorted @Pronaz! I’m sorry this wasn’t clear.