[Not a bug] New gems block magic

Platform, device version and operating system:
Steam, Pc, Windows
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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
All new colorless gems, such as deathmark, tresoure, block of stone…that don’t have a specific color, in addition to not being able to be matched (which is known and expected by the game) not can they be converted by the magic of any cards. So if you cast a card that creates gems, if it has no “vacant spot” it won’t create the gems, making the spell itself useless.
What I expect instead is that these gems will be replaced if the card’s magic involves randomly changing gems on the board.
How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Steps to make it happen again
use any card that creates gems, such as chalcedony, and you will see that these gems will never be replaced, until the screen is filled with garbage

I don’t see a bug there; special gems (with the exception of skulls) do simply not get replaced, and actually this can be used to turn gem creators like the mentioned Chalcedony even more powerful by raising the chance of 4-matches.

Of course, if neither side puts an exploder on their team, but keeps creating such gems, there’s a certain critical point, when things get messy. Good news is, it won’t last for long.
Just a little further, and you get a full board reset.

If my troop needs to create 28 yellow gems, but doesn’t do it because there’s no room, that’s a bug for me. This answer must be given by the developers, the opinion of random people does not count.

They are called gems, so they must have all the properties of other gems.Only medusa creates blocks of stone…that are not gems

Broadly speaking, Gems appear to be classified into three underlying types:

  • Mana Color - Acts as one of the six Mana colors, but only those six colors. Many spells that allow you to select a Gem type of your choice are specifically restricted to “Mana Gem” or Gems “of a selected color”. (Note that the Elemental Guild Guardian spells are not restricted to Mana Gems only, e.g. they can create Skulls, but whether they can create Heroic Gems … I don’t know)
  • Colorless - Any Gem which is not counted among the six Mana colors (e.g. Skulls), even if it is matchable with a Mana color (e.g. Wildcards, Elemental/Umbral Stars)
  • Inert - Gem does not match with anything (Stone Blocks, Gargoyle Gems, etc), and cannot be (directly) targeted by spells unless the spell selects for them specifically (or at random). Otherwise, it’s generally only removed by explosions.

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This is not a bug. Currently, this is working as intended as the board will shuffle whenever a match cannot be made, and if the board does become full of gems that cannot be matched, it should reset itself

In the meantime, I’ve let the development team know about this feedback!