[Not a Bug] Khaziel Kingdom shows wrong Deed count


Inventory shows 53 Deeds of Fire, in the Kingdom Level screen it shows 8 and will not permit upgrade to level 15. I have tried shut down, restarts, etc, left it for a few days, no change, it is fixed on 8. I even soulforged 2 deeds to see if that would correct my error, no luck just wasted the Resources.

Khaziel is set as my Home Kingdom, tried switching, restarting etc, no change.

Khaziel uses deeds of stone

But, the deed of stone should be colored a bit more brown than it is, looks closer to yelllow / orange.

Yes it is Deed of Stone, on the Kingdom page I can’t tell the difference between them, very small and similar colour. How about putting a S on the Stone ones or something to distinguish them.

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Hey, thanks for the suggestion I’ll pass it on