[Not a bug] HeadStart Offer Violates Microsoft Xbox Achievement Rules

Platform, device version and operating system: Xbox Series X

Screenshot or image: None

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
HeadStart Offer Violates Microsoft Xbox Achievement Rules.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Every headstart offer.

Steps to make it happen again
Navigate to Headstart Offer.

Microsoft Xbox Achievement Rules. An achievement has to be obtained by playing the game. Buying the currency with real money violates that.

XR-057: Unlocking Achievements *
Titles must provide a way for a user to earn all achievements defined by the base title without being required to purchase additional in-title content without playing the game.

Achievements must be unlocked through in-game actions, gameplay, and/or experiences.

Titles must not provide players alternative options that unlock achievements directly without corresponding gameplay activity. A non-exhaustive list of disallowed options:

A real-money purchase

In-game cheat codes, consoles, or menu options

These options may be used to reduce the difficulty of the gameplay required to unlock achievements.

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If you are talking about the shiny keys, you can get them from reward stages next week.

Yes, but there should not be a way to buy them with real money according to Microsoft. The must be obtained through game play only.

So, you cannot buy gems in Xbox?

Great point the entire game violates Microsoft Achievements. :slight_smile: But gems are given for free every hour. Each currency should also. To pass the rule, they would need to have an equal offer with in-game currencies.

Question for topic starter - did you buy? did anything unlock for you? Or are you just “concerned”?

Do players at the same moment while buying directly unlock any achievement through the purchase?

If “yes”, then there could be something fishy. If “no” then the company found the desired “workaround”, which I suspect they did. Maybe that even is the whole point of this “headstart” offer that I suspect can only be bought pre event start? So most likely nothing will/can unlock right away and afterwards you only unlock it through “playing”? What a great trickery - if that’s the case that is. :slight_smile:

What about this xbox rule and paid dlcs for another games
You can’t obtain certain dlcs achievements without purchase these dlcs

If buying the head start gave you an achievement directly like a "Buy the Head start Achievement’ then yes you would be right. But there is no such thing. I dont like it either but you are totally reaching on this one. :sweat_smile:


I certainly won’t be buying this but did you even read the stuff you posted? It’s pretty clear that it doesn’t break any rules.