[Not a bug] GW No defense points added to result added to result

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Some guild mates reported to me, that the defense points are not added to their result for the GW today.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Two players reported that the 2000 defense points are not added to their result.

Steps to make it happen again
Play GW for the current day and proove after the first fight if the defense score is added to the result.

Have your guild members checked, if they did not use troops or weapons in their defense teams, that they had used in previous defenses? Sometimes things glitch out at the start of the week, and all defense teams are set on the same one.

Sorry, I have asked before creating. I was told, yes different defs every day. And after I have created the issue report, I got the Information, that they have used one team twice…

I apologize again for creating a false issue report.

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No problem, mistakes happen, especially if there is a middleman in the communication.
And additionally, just two months ago I think, there was indeed a bug, where multiple players did not receive their defense bonus, so it could easily have happened again.
I’d say, add a [Not a bug] in front of the thread title, so the mods know that they can skip this one.