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[Not a bug] Guild war bug

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How other guild can attack me as paragon 31 times. My guild have 26 members, oponents guild 27. I check and at least 3 of them attack me 2 times in a row.

**How often does this happen? When did it begin **

Steps to make it happen again


Attacked 31 times green day…

Kafka is going to need to know your guild name / invite code so she can go be vaguely helpful.


Guild: Dakar Kanan 13
Invite code: DARIUS_QCFA

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Hey @RoPson I can see your Guild wasn’t at 30 members every day of guild wars.

In the case a Champion is missing from the Guild (there should be 2 Champions) then the Paragon will fill the Champion’s place, so it’s possible for someone to face you as the Champion and then again as the Paragon. Or for example, they can face you as the Champion, lose the battle, then face you as the Champion again.


All clear. Thx