Guild Wars : over 30 matches for a defense team?

As you can see, this player doesn’t have a single result for day 2, but have 33 results for day 3. How is it possible, especially with the fact he’s the Paragon and should not be fought more than once per player (and his Guild has Champion, Herald, Vanguard and Soldier, so he can’t take the place of another grade) ? We thought it’s a bug, with people doing days 2 and 3 at the same time, and the results only affect defense of day 3, but the other Guild still didn’t play.

We also thought his defense for day 3 was his PvP defense, but it’s not the case. So is it a bug, or something obvious we didn’t find ? Thanks in advance.

If you are champion you can have more than 30

I agree, but in this case he’s Paragon.

He probably both paragon and champ

He said it’s not the case, but there is only 1 Champion in his Guild. So if someone lost against the Champion the first time, does he fight the Champion another time, or can he fight the Paragon at this time ?

It may give 4th fight to paragon, since it has an open spot

So you think with 1 Champion slot open, the 4th fight can be either against the Champion, or against the Paragon ?

Bingo… yes I do

That makes sense. So unless if someone has another idea, I consider it’s a good explanation and therefore, it’s not a bug. Thanks. :wink:

Why isn’t the player reporting it rather than you?
Also, whatever they did the other night to “fix” the Cedric Medal unearthed some old bugs that were once fixed. It’s entirely possible that another guild is fighting that player besides the one set for that day.

Exactly why people should stop running around with their hair on fire forcing the Devs into panic mode. It should have been left alone and fixed at the end of wars week. It’s the same for everyone

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No one forced the devs to do anything. They came out and said it was a bug (or at least wasn’t working as intended.)
I think they over nerfed it to see if the same folks who wanted a nerf… End up requesting a buff. Currently 3 Medals of Cedric is less effective than just 1 medal prior to the nerf… Which doesn’t make sense.

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