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[Not a bug] Council of Chiefs, scoring issue

Platform, device version and operating system:


What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

I was expecting to gain event points based on battle rarity/level. This doesn’t seem to be entirely the case, there’s either a large random factor involved or the skull tables are flawed. Picking “Sol’Zara’s Shamans” eight times in sequence, my battles looked like this:

  • Level 10: 2 skulls
  • Level 20: 2 skulls
  • Level 30: 2 skulls
  • Level 30 (again, shouldn’t this have been 40?): 3 skulls
  • Level 50 (no level 40 for me): 3 skulls
  • Level 60: 8 skulls
  • Level 70: 5 skulls
  • Level 80: 7 skulls

Things to note:

  • I received the level 30 battle twice, skipping any level 40 battle that might have been available
  • I gained an unusually high number of skulls for the level 60 battle

Other battles also seem to have inconsistent rewards. Among others, I received two distinct level 10 mythic battles (one against Shade of Zorn, the other against Gargantaur?), one was worth 6 skulls, the other one 4 skulls.


All I can think of is that the rewards are ranged-based and that the band of that range shifts upwards as you progress.

Epic match levels 10-50 reward 2-4 skulls
Legendary match levels 10-50 reward 3-5 skulls
Mythic match levels 10-50 reward 4-6 skulls.

Levels 60-100 , 3-7, 4-8, 5-9 respectively.


(Just examples, not based on evidence)

190 level 8 skulls (that is 80 points)

Seems this event is way harder (if possible) to get all rewards. Even in my guild, where we used to get all rewards during first days. Though we’l have to see yet.

There’s variation in how many skulls you will earn from each battle but on average you will earn more as you fight higher rarity/level battles in Council of Chiefs.

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Let’s look at this claim a little more in detail. The leaderboard tells us:

One player received a 30% higher score than another player, for roughly the same very high number of fights. For all pratical purposes this is completely random scoring, players have zero control over how well they fare.

There’s more though:

This suggests a correlation between level and score, the higher your level, the less skulls gained on average. Which I believe would not go down well with the vast majority of players if it turned out to be true and once again accidentally failed to make it into the patch notes.

I’d strongly recommend raising this issue with whoever is calling the shots these days, as soon as possible. This isn’t a minor flaw, this has all the potential to escalate into your next shit storm.


I’ve sent the screenshots to the team to review the battle logs on the accounts.