Council of Chiefs Bomb

I am afraid that the new game, Council of Chiefs is not popular. The scoring is causing so much chatter as there seems to be no sense in it and does not give the player any sense of achievement. It is quite costly, gem wise and with frustrating scoring I feel that many in my guild will not play it next time around. I’ve personally, put a lot of $ into this game but won’t be spending anymore on this.


i agree its awful

I would normally have purchased the St. Patrick’s Day flash offer this week. I will not be doing so since the purchase could be viewed as an endorsement of the new event. If the rewards are fixed before the flash offer expires, I’ll change my mind.


There is a whole thread about this called Council of Chiefs.

I’ve told my guild, which has never failed to finish a guild event, that this week I do not want them spending one gem more than they normally do. This event has finally done it for me. Their greed has finally reached a level that is beyond a boil.


At this point, Council of Chiefs needs to have its own forum.

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Council of chiefs sucks really thinking about quitting now been thinking about it for a long time cause I hardly ever get mythics in less I personally forge them and now you add this boring week :rage::rage::rage: