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(Not a bug) A question about Guild Guardians - Still dropping, but why - a bug?

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PC, Steam client - up-to-date, Game version:, OS: Win 7x64 SP1 - up-to-date

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Description of a (possible) problem:
So, the Guild Guardians are still dropping for me. For what’s worth, they are all ascended to the Mythic quality already, fully traited and leveled-up, four copies of each, all six of them. What should I do, if for some strange reason, I would still receive Guild Guardians next week, from 1500 or 3000 Guild Seals?
I usually open up the one option for 50 Chests, whenever possible.

I also had enough Guardians, four copies of each, before I opened a new batch of Guild chests. However, I can’t open more, because I don’t want to spend more resources on the Guild Seals.

What’s wrong, and why? I can record a video when I will attempt to open more Guild Chests, but that probably won’t happen for a month. I just want to get a worthy Mythic unit in January of 2019.

I needed full 10 months to get where I am now, so I am a bit worried, what if there’s something wrong.
I also need to mention that I sold (disenchanted) a few excess cards of each Guardian to have the required 4.
I plan to record and post a YouTube video next time that I plan to use all of accumulated currency in the future.

In-game ID/Invite code: KOROMAC_I2XF
Character Profile: Bronka
Current Guild: Hoguns

I spent around 1500 Seals on the Level 6 Guild Chest/s - 40k Seals reached.
Date: 28th of November 2018

This picture doesn’t imply they are still dropping. It implies they shouldn’t drop again in the future, but it would take a screenshot of you getting them followed by a screenshot of having more than 4 to imply you were still getting them.


If that was the case then you would have more than 4 copies in your SS. You don’t though…🤷

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That is true. I had more than 4 copies of each Guardian, so I sold a few excess ones to keep only 4 units, as it is described. I forgot to mention that part in my initial post. In any case, I also found and read this.

I should no longer have any more Guardians drops.

If you have 3 of each for instance, and you open 200 chests. You still have a chance at getting 200 more copies.

It stops the time AFTER you hit 4 of each.


So to make it perfectly clear. Next time that I open the Guild Chests, I won’t get any of them any more, ever?


You will however get more if you disenchant copies of what you have now and fall under the 4 mythic copies.

Thank you. Maybe my count was off, but I’ll know for sure next time that I open the chests.
I’ll record it, just in case if there’s indeed something wrong with the drops in my case.

Hey Koromac, you had 3 Honors last time you opened Guild Chests, next time, none will drop :slight_smile:


Confirmed! It’s not a bug.