[Fixed] Guild Chests dropping Guardian troops even after they are at mythic and 4 copies

PC/Mobile (possibly all)


What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

Guardian troops in guild chests are supposed to be removed from the pool once they are fully ascended and at 4 copies. It is now dropping extra copies.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Every time. Started after the update.

Steps to make it happen again

Have all troops from the Guardian kingdom ascended to mythic rarity and at 4 copies and then open guild chests.


Pulled 10 chests in Android for further confirmation.



This better not be related to the portal drops issue after we were told point blank they were not related.


Saltypatra said that Delve troops wouldn’t be getting Guild Guardian style treatment. She didn’t say that neither would Guild Guardians! :open_mouth:

Edit: @Mithran, Occam’s razor says that someone is being lied to. Either Salty is lying to us, or someone is lying to her.


Either way, the players/customers keep getting the short end of the sticks.


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Hanlon’s razor suggests it’s might be not intentional at all :stuck_out_tongue:


Hanlon’s Razor permits a third option: They weren’t using guild guardian code at that point, but adopted it to “fix” the issue with two different “troop” drop pools for treasure and troop, but had to turn off guild guardian style drops for factions (and/or some or all faction troops or treasures are now considered needing to be mythiced +4 to meet the criteria for guardians to not be in guild chests), and in doing so broke guardians.

I’m not sure which is worse.

But also, correlation does not necessarily imply causation. This could be “patch related” to some other innocuous “fix” that didn’t have proper testing and wasn’t noticed until the “drop fix” was pushed to the server - because who randomly just opens their seals on a Tuesday/Wednesday unless they were testing something? They also stated on stream they planned on cleaning up some of how seals interacted to be more consistent… I don’t remember seeing it in the patch notes, but this could be related, and we’ve seen weirder interactions. Who even knows what those “other minor bugfixes” in the patch notes were or how they could have affected this. Very unfortunate timing for them if this is the case.

Regardless, the whole situation is depressing and if any changes were made to the code this confirms the assertion that the output side is still not being checked. A sample set of ten would have been enough to show this was not working.

Also, further confirmation of this issue on PC/Mobile with one pull:


Looking into my crystal ball, six new Guild Guardians are showing up on the horizon. Any chance that the guild chest code got changed to no longer drop Guardians once you have four copies of all twelve at mythic?


Please Understand only suckers have separate dev and production. All those times jerks like Slypenslyde say “professionals take great care to separate past and future” are lies. What does he know about software development? Let’s keep making the same mistake over and over again just to spite people like him and show how great we are.


Even if that were the case, if the new troops are not available, the old troops should not drop.

No amount of Rainbows and Unicorns can cover up the stench of this turd sandwich. Yeah Cedric, I know I’m in a guild, are you gonna tell me every time I click on that tab.

Even Chunkymono has declared that this Gems of War is now unwinnable. And I was very much looking forward to finally meet Ann Margaret. Too bad she ain’t coming. RAGE

They shouldn’t, but if they changed the code in preparation for the new Guardians, it could have caused this bug.

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I hope we get our seals back as I had used 1500

Once the new 6 troops drop, I’ll test it for everyone since I’ve 280k seals.


There is absolutely no point to new guild guardians anyway, other than throttling end-gamers who don’t miss a new mythic/have complete collections. This is garbage that it’s already screwing up guild chests. Greedy bs


I have worked on backend servers that served millions of requests per hour and I assure you, as a professional, there are zero reasons why a production server should have code associated with a future release on it.

A good process isolates “future” code from “maintenance” code, and at any given time a person should know how to get a build with either “current release”, “accepted maintenance work”, or “stuff for the next version that definitely doesn’t need to hit production”. Especially in 2019 it is cheap and easy to have a test server in the cloud with the future code. It’s not a matter of team size. I’ve done it with a team of 8 and I’ve done it with a team of 4. It’s a matter of taking pride in your craft and believing your customers’ time is valuable.

That’s why I’m so agitated it happens every release. It’s an insult to my craft, and worse they try to pass it off as “everybody does this”. Not people who don’t rely on addiction to drive their revenue. Some of us have to worry about things like “reliability”.


We have been working on a fix for this issue this morning, and will be pushing it to live later today. I will let you know when this happens so you can restart your game and device.

We are sorry about this issue. It looks as though some of the code for the 4.7 Update snuck into 4.6.5.

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I’ll try to dance around this as much as I can. If new troops are being added to operate like guild guardians. Please make sure that the original 6 guild guardians are no longer going to drop as well.
I… And many others…advise players to save 6 minor ascension orbs to get Guild Guardians all to Mythic at the same time. Assuming the update will be out around January… it’s very likely someone will use the advice next month, but then have to start from scratch a month later if my suspicions are true.

TL:DR… We are all for the addition of troops that are like guild Guardians being added. But that don’t come with the price of getting all the guild guardians again. You’ll only be hurting your mid gamers in that scenario.


FYI, the issue occurs on clients that have not updated to 4.6.5. Confirmed on Steam, Windows 7, with a single pulls on alt account:

This client has not been restarted since sometime last week.

There is no reason to add these cards, except to hurt mid-end gamers. There’s no associated kingdom for power level to mean anything, so it’s just a way to dilute guild chests and put us all back to piling up garbage.

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The fix for this issue has now been pushed for 4.6 and 4.6.5.