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No Vault key in Gnome Vault during Treasure Vault Event

I thought the drop rate of Vault key was also increased in Gnome Vault during Treasure Vault Event.
But after spending more than 100+ keys, I got none of them :confused:.

Not sure if it is a bug or if it is working as intended…

I could be wrong, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard the dev’s state that the Vault Key drops in Vault Key battles were ever going to increase. It’s just in explore and PvP battles where people are farming on Vault Weekend. It’s the same reason why the gnomes you beat in Vault Key battles don’t count towards pity keys. Vault Key battles are considered their own separate type of event from explore, Arena, PvP, etc.

At least this is the way I understand it. I could very well be wrong.


The gnomes inside the vault used to have same chance as outside and drop vk’s quite often. They nerfed that years ago though. Since then, there is no difference in rewards when spending a vk no matter if there’s an event happening or not.


I made 78 vault fights, got 1 VK.