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No Heart of Rage Support Group

As far as laws go, those are limited in very few countries. It’s easier to lock those regions out of the playing the game as they’re not the main market anyway.

But according to Google Play, they enforce it. Interesting.

So yes, vault rewards and their percentages need to be displayed. Anytime there is a change, such as adding the Sun to the pool, the displayed rates need to be updated. Otherwise, this game could be pulled from the Google Play Store.

Perhaps this warrants its own post to highlight to the devs they’re breaking Google Play rules?


Gut feeling that this won’t change unless Google forces their hand…

Maybe they think that since there’s a battle in-between, and you can theoretically lose the battle and not receive the rewards, it doesn’t count? :confused: :stuck_out_tongue: … I guess it still looks like a pretty straightforward mechanism to receive randomised items, though.

This because



Exactly why we finally got this:

Because they did this:

Which as soon as Chaos Orbs came out, I’ve been quite clearly calling them “loot boxes”.


Started a new thread about the loot box issue: Vault drop rates; violating policy with app stores on all devices

Clearly the developers are watching this space since adding shrines > disclosure of Chaos Orb transform rates is directly correlated.
Some odds are displayed, such as Key drops, Chaos Portals.
Some odds are not, such as frequency of each Daily Adventure (these are always free).
Specific odds of Gnome appearance and Vault Key drops on normal days/vault weekends are not disclosed either. Even if odds were mentioned once, they can be changed with impunity.
I normally forget Vault Keys can be purchased for real $, can’t remember personally seeing the actual offers.

I was going to follow your lead and report a policy violation, but am interested to list ALL the infractions. Is the Vault battle drop pool the only thing to report?

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Nothing comes to mind, but not sure/couldn’t say definitively. I’m thinking the ways to check would be to go through a list of Flash Offers, if one exists, and I guess all of the ongoing Shop menus, or alternatively to go through the items that give randomised virtual items (perhaps in the player Inventory?) and try to remember if they’re ever offered for cash. Chaos Orbs, Chaos Shards and various Keys are the only (other) ones I can think of atm.

That being said, progress > perfect, or it doesn’t mean any other issues can’t be brought up at another time ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Is the LT drop table official or data-mined?

I think @Fourdottwoone showed me the table but said it was years old. So I don’t think it can be even data mined anymore.

And I assume…

That though people buy stuff like this to help with gold accumulation for Legendary Tasks (I’d be shocked if anyone purchases it monthly and isn’t in a LT guild.)
That there’s enough of a connection for them to legally have to disclose LT drop rates.

During an issue with my guild personally handled in a bug report. In a minor section of my ticket I brought up how LT were loot boxes and if my guild continued to be treated disproportionately in terms of their own disclosed drop rates then eventually I’d contact my local government. Their response was an automated bug report email and zero official statement from any actual human about anything to do with with my ticket.
In case this was simply over sight and not on purpose. I even sent a direct message to a dev who in the past was very good about responding to Direct messages over serious matters… It’s been 2 weeks, they have yet to respond.

But the main matter of my ticket was “fixed”. So I guess they felt it was better not to admit that there was an issue that disproportionately affected my guild at the very least.

I’m not going to disclose what the “bug” was because even this Loot box discussion is probably more off topic than the OP would like.
Though the exact drop rate of Heart of Rage would be nice to know.
Yet another thread arguing about probability in regards to Mythic LT is definitely not what is desired here.

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Event shop tier troop drop chance by Rarity?
:thinking: :relaxed: :vulcan_salute:


Probably this one, not sure where it came from.

There’s some extra dependency between reward buckets. The same type (e.g. gem keys) can’t be rolled up more than once, so almost every task will contain gems keys, glory keys plus something else. As far as I can tell the list still seems to be accurate.

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Need to track that 3rd reward. Those are not duplicated (numberwise) in reward 1 & 2. But, I agree, it does seem correct.

The list may be. But the percentages can’t be.

We see TS way more 30% of the time. It’s closer to 50% by far. And I wouldn’t be shocked if the legendary troop value dropped to 4.5%

The rest would be too hard to track.

Thanks to discord, i can go back over the last 6 weeks to see how often runics have dropped in my guild.
Stated Percentage: 5%. Since you can’t duplicate, this 5% should hold true, you can’t get 10 runics in one LT.
6 weeks of LTs: 252. Runic drops 40 (total of 200 runics). Percentage: 16%.
Furthermore, I was able to track them week by week. Not once was it ever 5%. The closest was 1 week with 12%. The highest was two weeks at 25%.
Will continue to track, but this does suggest that something is off. If other guilds can post a similar range of time & percentage of runics dropped, we can see if it’s an abberation or not.
Note: I’m aware that if reward 1 is not 5 runics, it slightly adjusts the odds for reward 2, but that adjustment should not be more than double the original percentage. You can’t have runics in reward 3.


What’s the point of the Heart of Rage? Is it just for collection? I got one from a vault key during one of the gnome weekends and it seems pretty basic spell wise, enraging everyone.

You need a Heart of Rage (and 8 power orbs) to craft Enraged Kurandara in the soulforge


To punish us for not buying the 1st campaign pass :sweat_smile:
Technically it’s just like @Noctis said right above here.

I tried 10 more keys and still nothing, so up to around 140+ keys now and still no HoR :pleading_face:

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Ah, gotcha. I’ve never even gotten 1 orb of power, but I got the HoR. Lol.

Sorry to hear, the sad news is that there is no stacking, so we might go another 600 vault keys or 3 years without getting it, in worst case scenario. The odds we are dealing with is destroying my thoughts, so I try not to think of it.